PhD Opportunities

Mesude Bicak, former PhD student

The group's research interests cover a wide range of topics in software engineering, formal systems development, software testing and the theoretical foundations of computing. Computational modelling in many forms lies at the heart of the group's work. Because of this broad range and the tradition of a holistic approach to the field the group prides itself in developing research interests that integrate all these aspects. There is a genuine interest in developing rigorous theories and integrating them into practical software development techniques and methods.

Supervision Topics

Please see the web pages describing our research themes.  These are updated from time to time to show our current research interests and areas in which we are able to supervise with confidence.  If you have some growing expertise in one of these research areas, and have an excellent academic track record, why not apply to study for PhD with us?

VT PhD Research Student Pledge

  1. All PhD students will meet their supervisor at least weekly.
  2. All PhD students will be provided with the most appropriate research environment in terms of computers, software and laboratory space.
  3. All PhD students will be expected to graduate within 4 years of starting - in many cases they will be able to submit earlier.
  4. All PhD students will be expected to attend and present papers at leading conferences around the world.