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  • Bee Model Visualisation

    May 2016.

    A Model for an Angular Velocity-Tuned Motion Detector Accounting for Deviations in the Corridor-Centering Response of the Bee

    Authors: Alex Cope, Chelsea Sabo, Eleni Vasilaki, Kevin Gurney, James Marshall

    We are interested in how bees are capable of navigating complex environments. Experimental evidence shows that they use an estimate of the speed that patterns move across their compound eyes (angular velocity) to control their behaviour and avoid obstacles, however the brain circuitry used to extract this information is not understood. We have created a model that uses a small number of assumptions to demonstrate a plausible set of circuitry. Since bees only extract an estimate of angular velocity they show differences from the expected behaviour for perfect angular velocity detection, and our model reproduces these differences.

  • April 2016.

    Do Automatically Generated Unit Tests Find Real Faults? An Empirical Study of Effectiveness and Challenges

    Authors: Sina Shamshiri, Rene Just, Jose Miguel Rojas, Gordon Fraser, Phil McMinn and Andrea Arcuri

    Rather than tediously writing unit tests manually, tools can be used to generate them automatically - sometimes even resulting in higher code coverage than manual testing. But how good are these tests at actually finding faults?