Discover Dentistry - back for a 7th run!

Discover Dentistry, our popular free online course, is back for its seventh run starting on October 9th. Join Dr Chris Stokes and many academics from the School of Clinical Dentistry for a chance to learn about teeth, the mouth and dentistry. Whether you are thinking of becoming a dentist or are just curious about the past, present and future of teeth and their care, this is a course will entertain and enlighten you.

Participants will interact with experts from the School of Clinical Dentistry from the comfort of their own homes and learn about all aspects of the profession - starting with the public perception of dentistry, to the sometimes gruesome history of the job. The MOOC will give younger learners the unique opportunity to learn more about the subject which is not taught in schools, whilst an older audience have the chance to discover fascinating facts about their pearly whites.

The course is also great evidence of career exploration for anyone thinking about applying for a dental course at University, and can also help in preparations for work experience and university interviews.

discover dentistry

Dr Chris Stokes, from the Academic Unit of Restorative Dentistry who is teaching Discover Dentistry, said this course is for everyone.  "Whether you are an aspiring dentist, or want to learn about the interesting multidisciplinary world of looking after smiles, we are inviting anyone with an interest in the subject to join us for an entertaining and insightful exploration of your mouth and the people who care for it. We've had over 20,000 learners on the course from over 80 countries, so we invite you to join the conversation and learn something new" said Dr Stokes.

The course is totally online, accessible for free and available at

You can also follow Discover Dentistry on Facebook ( and Twitter (@DiscDentistry) for course news and updates.

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