Fiction: Filling Childrens Teeth; Indicated or Not

Sheffield is one of the centres in NIHR HTA ( a 5 year multicentre (Universities of Dundee, Newcastle, Cardiff, Glasgow, Leeds, London & Sheffield) trial looking at the most effective way to mange decay in first teeth. Dental decay in children is a major public health problem, 40% of children in the Sheffield area have decay and over 2000 children living in Sheffield had a general anaesthetic in 2011 to have teeth removed. The research is being conducting with colleagues in primary dental care and will involve 50 practices and 1,500 children.

The Sheffield arm of the trial is lead by Chris Deery, Zoe Marshman and Helen Rodd. A Pilot Study was successfully completed last year and has informed the design of the main trial. Expected outcomes will in addition to tooth include the preferences of the children, their carer’s and the dentists, together with an economic analysis. To find out more visit:


Marshman Z, Rodd HD, Deery C, Hall M, Speed C, Douglas G, Clarkson J, Inness N. The management of dental caries in primary teeth - involving service providers and users in the design of a trial. Trials 2012, 13:143