@ShefDentistry welcomes @LegoSheffield

lego smile

@LegoSheffield is part of the University’s activities to showcase its teaching and research. The Twitter and Instagram accounts offer a fun insight into the different departments around the University. At the beginning of June, they came to visit to find out what we do here in the School of Clinical Dentistry. To find out more follow @LegoSheffield and @ShefDentistry.

Their first stop was to show them the Clinical Skills Teaching Environment, which contains the phantom heads the students use to learn the skills they need to become Dentists, Hygienists and Dental Therapists. Our tiny visitors got a close up view of the ‘heads’ and the tools which are used to check and mend teeth. Dr Chris Stokes explained the different ways the head could be configured to allow the students to experience as many different clinical scenarios as possible.

phantom head

The tour then continued to the top of building where they met Dr Dan Lambert and Dr Stuart Hunt who showed them some of the different equipment and experiments running in the molecular biology laboratories. They were quite taken with the qNano machine. This can measure tiny 'bubbles' released into body fluids like saliva - the bubbles are five times smaller than a spec of dust! We are currently analysing them to help us diagnose oral cancer using liquid biopsies.

qnano lego

@LegoSheffield then met Dr Rob Moorehead and he showed them round the Dental Materials laboratory. We have a wide range of equipment housed here to help us to develop and analyse different materials used in our research and clinical work. The 3D printer and scanner were firm favourites with our Lego visitors and Stu even stepped into our scanner to experience what was involved first hand.

scan lego
Having put our lab coats on the Lego Team then made their way to our tissue culture facilities. Ava had a go at plating out some cells and Dr Aileen Crawford was on hand to show them the variety of experiments which form the basis of our cell culture and tissue engineering research.

cll culture lego

Finally the Lego team caught up with the Person Centred and Population Oral Health group’s research. The Lego team were very interested in the research to develop resources for young people and their parents to help them cope better with dental treatment.

@LegoSheffield enjoyed their visit and agreed with us that our research is not just about teeth.  They have promised to come back in 6 months for a check up!!!

CBT lego