BSODRSeptember 2017

BSODR in Plymouth

Once again, staff and students represented the School of Clinical Dentistry at a very high standard at the British Society for Oral and Dental Research (BSODR) Annual Meeting in Plymouth (6th-8th September). The multi-disciplinary nature of the research carried out at the Dental School was showcased during a number of oral and poster presentations, including talks given by Alice Pilborough, Amy Harding, Zulaiha Rahman, Mohannad Al-Magsoosi, Dr Martin Santocildes Romero, Dr Tom Patterson and Dr Graham Stafford. Amy Harding was the winner of the Oral Medicine and Oral Pathology prize for her outstanding presentation – congratulations Amy!

Heather Wallis, Klaudia Slowik and Jamie Hall attended the meeting as part of the Junior Colgate Prize. Heather won the prize for best oral presentation by an undergraduate student, an impressive achievement!

SPSAS-MS in Brazil

From the 27th August to 6th September Hannah Clemmens, Mark Ofield, Zaki Abdullah Zubir and Areeg Elmusrati attended the Sao Paulo School of Advanced Science on Mass Spectrometry-based Proteomics (SPSAS-MS) meeting – a mass spectrometry workshop hosted by the Brazilian Center for Research in Energy and Materials (CNPEM) in Campinas.

Zaki and Areeg in BrazilOut of the five UK based students that were selected to attend the meeting, four were from the School of Clinical Dentistry and all four students presented their work during the meeting. Although the course was intensive, the group still managed to find time to meet up with Débora (a PhD student who spent time at the Dental School in Sheffield earier this year). They also received salsa lessons and were introduced to Brazil’s national cocktail – the Caipirinha – which has since been recreated in Sheffield.

Zaki in Wales



European Chemokine and Cell Migration Conference in Wales

Zaki Abdullah Zubir has had a very busy month, as he also attended the second European Chemokine and Cell Migration Conference 2017 in Cardiff (8th-9th August) at the Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama. Zaki presented a poster of his research regarding the chemokine receptor XCR1 and its ligand in oral cancer. Great work, Zaki!

European Congress of Pathology in Holland

Ali and Lisette

The department was very well represented at the 29th European Congress of Pathology in Amsterdam this September. Professor Paul Speight was an invited speaker in the salivary gland slide seminar session. Lisette Martin presented a poster entitled 'Ossifying fibromas of the head and neck: a clinical, radiological and histopathological review', while Dr Ali Khurram presented a poster describing 'The spectrum of histological features in head and neck clear cell lesions'. Ali was shortlisted for the poster prize session from 39 posters and subsequently had to present in front of a judge and audience!

Viva successesmohammed viva

We have recently had two students pass their Vivas: Mohammed Al-Zubidi, supervised by Dr Graham Stafford who passed subject to minor corrections after a thorough 4hr grilling from the external examiner.

As well as Nibras Chasib Baidhani, supervised by Dr Craig Murdoch and Dr Helen Colley.

Congratulations to the both of you on your brilliant achievements! We wish you all the best in the future.

New students

We will be welcoming a number of new PhD students to the Dental School this October...

Cher Farrugia, supervised by Dr Craig Murdoch and Dr Graham Stafford, will be getting started with her research regarding the link between oral bacteria and cardiovascular disease using a zebrafish embryo model. Cher is being partly funded by an Oral and Dental Research Trust award.

Xinming (Anita) Liu, supervised by Dr Stuart Hunt and Dr Dan Lambert, will be researching how vault RNAs are packaged into extracellular vesicles. Anita was awarded a prestigious China Scholarship Council award to fund her PhD degree.

Ashley Gains is returning to the Dental School having gained a first class MSci degree from Sheffield Hallam University. Ashley completed his MSci laboratory project at the Dental School and will be continuing with the work he started on Omps and other surface proteins of P. gingivalis and their interaction with human cells during his PhD, supervised by Dr Graham Stafford.

Katherine Wong, supervised by Dr Graham Stafford, Dr Joey Shepherd and Dr J Pratten (GSK), will be studying the mechanisms of bacterial community dynamics in oral biofilms by utilising in vitro models of microbial communities.

Up and coming trips

Dr Stuart Hunt has been invited to give a research seminar at Tartu University, Estonia in November. He may need to pack some warm clothes!


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