Oral Neuroscience Research Group

A photomicrograph of human tooth pulp

Research Group Leader: 

Professor FM Boissonade

Summary and Principal Aims

The overall aim of our research is to improve the treatment of patients with pain and sensory disturbances arising as a consequence of nerve injury or disease.

Our group includes basic scientists and clinicians, thus we are able to pursue a wide range of activities, from investigations undertaken within the field of basic bioscience through to clinical investigations on our patients. We also run clinical services for the treatment of patients with facial pain and with nerve injuries.

Much of our work is at the academic–industrial interface, funded by both industry and Research Councils UK. Collaborations with GlaxoSmithKline, Pfizer and Eli Lilly include a wide range of translational studies, using pre-clinical models and human tissues to identify and validate a range of regulators of neuronal excitability as potential targets for novel analgesics. Other projects, with Renovo plc, are directed towards improvement of nerve regeneration.

Our Research is divided into three main areas:

Mechanisms of inflammatory pain

Mechanisms of neuropathic pain

Managing trigeminal nerve injuries and enhancing peripheral nerve repair

Our Staff:

Academic Staff

Research Associates

  • Dr Emma Bird

Technical staff

  • Dr Matthew Worsley

Postgraduate Research Students

  • Jonathan Field
  • Jordan Talbot

Masters Students

  • Amira Altigani

Contact details

For further information, please contact Professor Fiona Boissonade

Email: f.boissonade@sheffield.ac.uk