Evaluation of health care

Health Services Research (Health Technology Assessment) aims to improve the quality of health services. It is concerned with the costs and effects of interventions and the use of the information obtained for policy and decision making at national, local and clinical levels. The group conducts HSR in a variety of ways including:

  • Quantitative and qualitative evaluations of healthcare interventions.workforce
  • Needs assessments.
  • Workforce reviews.

Significant funding

  • 2010. Marshman Z, Robinson PG. Review of Special Care Dentistry in Derbyshire, NHS Derbyshire, £30,000. This project has involved a review of special care dentistry services in Derbyshire with recommendations for the commissioning and provision of services to special care groups.
  • 2009. Rodd HD, Marshman Z, Gilchrist, F, Deery C. Evaluation of Children’s Experiences of Dental GA Services in Sheffield, NHS Sheffield, £50,000. This project has used video-diary methods to seek children’s perspectives on having a general anaesthetic for dental treatment. The findings will result in better information to improve patient experience.
  • 2009. Marshman Z, Robinson PG. Review of Oral Health Promotion in Derbyshire, NHS Derbyshire, £39,000. This work has involved a review of oral health promotion activity in Derbyshire with recommendations for both the commissioning and provision of oral health promotion services.
  • 2008. Marshman Z, Robinson PG. Evaluation of Fluoride Varnish Training for Dental Nurses in South Yorkshire, NHS Sheffield, £30,000. This project has evaluated the training of dental nurses in the application of fluoride varnish. It investigated the dental nurse’s experiences of taking part in the training including the taught component, the assessment of competence and the dental nurses opportunities to apply fluoride varnish in practice following the course.
  • 2008. Marshman Z, Owens J, Rodd HD. Oral Health Needs Assessment of Children and Adults with Learning Disabilities in Sheffield, NHS Sheffield £56,000. This oral health needs assessment included a clinical survey, qualitative exploration and a postal questionnaire of children and adults with learning disabilities in Sheffield. The use of participatory methods has ensured for the first time that their views on oral health and dental services have been heard and incorporated into recommendations for commissioning to the Primary Care Trust.
  • 2007. Benson PE, Millett D. Resin-modified glass ionomer or composite for orthodontic bonding? - A multi-centre, randomised, single blinded clinical trial. £33,184
  • NHS Health Technology Assessment Programme. Speight P, Moles D, Downer M, Palmer N. £67,300. This major programme involved the collection of costing data, three systematic reviews and development of a computer simulation model. Data showed that opportunistic screening in primary care may be cost-effective. Value of Perfect Information analyses identified suitable areas where research can be most effectively targeted. This work will inform national policy. The group (with Baker) are now evaluating factors which may affect referral of relevant lesions from primary to secondary care.


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