PhD Project

Periodontal Treatment and Oral Health Related Quality of Life

PhD Student: Andrew Rawlinson, BChD(Hons), MDS, FDSRCSEd. Professor of Restorative Dentistry. Staff candidate

Supervisors: Dr Mario Vettore, Professor Sarah Baker and Professor Peter Robinson

Outline of research: Destructive periodontal diseases are common in adults in the UK, with 37% of individuals having mild periodontal pocketing, 8% having moderate and 1% having severe periodontal pocketing (White et al., 2012). The cost of treating periodontal conditions presents a significant financial burden to patients affected and the UK NHS, where it is has been estimated that approximately £250 million per year is spent on treatment. The total cost to the economy has been calculated at £2.8billion, including time off work, lost UK revenue etc (Chapple, 2004).

Until relatively recently, the outcomes of health interventions in the management of periodontal diseases have largely been measured with clinical parameters. These measures have demonstrated that treatment can improve the clinical condition (Cobb, 2002), but ignore the effect of periodontal disease and its treatment on psychological and social well being of individuals.

This research will investigate individual factors including sense of coherence, self-efficacy, self-esteem and locus of control that may influence oral hygiene behaviours, adherence to treatment regimens, coping with stress and health beliefs. In doing so, they may influence the clinical and OHQoL outcomes of care. The Wilson and Cleary model (Wilson and Cleary, 1995) will be used to enable comprehensive research on this topic. 

Recent publications:

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