In the first semester I was able to attend dissection classes once a week. I found these sessions highly beneficial to my learning and understanding

Mehak Sakhuja - Bio-Dental Science Student
Mehak Sakhuja
Undergraduate student
BSc Bio-dental Science and Technology
Mehak, from Cardiff, went through many different choices of what she wanted to do before settling on a role in healthcare and eventually dentistry. She started to explore options and do some work experience, and found this to be a key part in making her decision.
Mehak Sakhuja - Bio-Dental Science Student

"My decision in choosing Sheffield was very easy for me. When I came for the open day, I knew Sheffield was the University for me; I felt the city was (and still is!) amazing and all the staff were very friendly, welcoming and helpful. The University is part of the Russell Group and has the best Students' Union as well. 

"Something I find extremely rewarding about this course is that I always come out of a lecture feeling like I’ve learnt something new and it makes me want to further study the topic. It’s one thing to see drawings/pictures of anatomy in a textbook and Google, but to be able to dissect a cadaver and identify all the different structures is a whole other level; they were also a great way to meet my course mates and dental surgery students!

"Some challenges I have found with this course is the volume of content to learn; it is a content heavy course and a big step up from A-level. A difficulty I found which isn’t course specific is the fact that you are on your own when it comes to your work - lecturers will give you the basics and of course will give support where you need, but you are expected to keep up to date with your lectures and do further reading around the topics to fully understand. 

"When it comes to assignments, your lecturers won’t chase you up for them like your teachers will have done in school; if it’s late, that will count as a fail! This may seem quite daunting but it’s all part of making you an independent, organised learner and this will benefit you massively once you finish university and start working."

After completing the course, Mehak hopes to start dental school and aspires to become a dentist. She adds, “I had initially planned on doing this; I had the offers but the predicted grades on results day didn’t work out in my favour unfortunately so I decided to apply for this course through clearing as I thought it would be a good stepping stone into dentistry.

“Before applying to Sheffield, my advice would be research the universities you’re considering and go to open days if you can. Also consider distance from home - I know that being far away from home seems amazing but the distance can be hard sometimes and the further away you are, the more expensive train tickets are!

“Be prepared to work very hard - university is tough as it’s all on you but with the right frame of mind and the right approach, you’ll be fine! (Don’t forget to enjoy yourself though!). Also look into career options after completing your chosen degree, so you know what your future could look like and you’re prepared; once you’ve firmed your university choice, find the fresher’s group chat on Facebook as you’ll be able to find your course mates and flatmates too!

University will be the best time of your life. You will meet so many new people and learn so many important life skills. I’m only in my first year and I’m having such an amazing time!”

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