Andrew G

Andrew Garrard

Deputy Head of Department, Multidisciplinary Engineering Education (MEE)

Director of Academic Operations for MEE, Academic lead for Fluids Engineeing in the Diamond, Academic liaison between MEE and the Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre


T: +44(0)114 222 0528



MEng (hons) PhD SFHEA

I’ve worked as an engineering educator for over 10 years. I genuinely believe that the creativity and systematic approach adopted engineers has the potential to make an enormous, positive, impact on the world. I therefore find it a privilege to be directly involved in equipping students with the skills they need to be successful engineers when they graduate. I currently teach Mechanical, Aerospace, Chemical, Bio General and Civil Engineers topics including fluid mechanics, thermodynamics, heat transfer, CFD and experimental methods.

After graduating with a first class masters degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Sheffield, I undertook a PhD under the supervision of Professor Stephen Beck to numerically model the coupling between electrochemical and fluid flow behaviour of single phase, regenerative fuel cells. Building on knowledge of numerical methods, I was recruited by the Health and Safety Laboratory in Buxton as a Fluids Flow Modeller. I have also worked worked in two postdoctoral posts. The first as a Research Associate in the department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering at the University of Sheffield, optimsting heat transfer in switched reluctance machines and the second was as a research fellow in the Institute of of Thermofluids at the University of Leeds, numerical modelling high speed combustion.

My first teaching post was as a lecturer, and subsequently senior lecturer, at Sheffield Hallam University. While at this job I completed a postgraduate certificate in learning and teaching in higher education and obtained fellowship of the Higher Education Academy. I developed and lead the BEng Energy Engineering programme, which received exemplary NSS feedback from graduating cohorts, and instantiated and led a thermofluids teaching group.

In 2015 I joined the department of Multidisciplinary Engineering Education as a Senior University Teacher and Director of Academic Operations. My focus in this role is leading at team of multidisciplinary engineering academic staff to develop of innovations that facilitate teaching at scale, on which I’ve presented widely. As an example, in 2017 I worked with the online learning team at the University of Sheffield to lead the development of a MOOC to teach students how to write technical engineering reports. In 2018 I obtained senior fellowship of the Higher Education Academy in 2018 and took on the role of Deputy Head of Department.


Current practical experiments delivered in the Diamond;

Measurement lab Intro
First law pumps and turbines MEC133 & MEC162
Minor losses CIV2300
Open channel self-teach lab CIV2300
Pressure loss in pipes CIV2300
Network of pipes CIV2300
Pumps and turbines CIV2300
Hydrostatics carousel CIV104
Impact of jets CIV104 & MEC208
The Osbourne Reynolds experiment MEC133 & AER192
Calibration of a wind tunnell MEC133 & AER192
Flow measurement CPE170
Forces on a submerged surface CIV104
Floating stability CIV104
Bernoulli principle CIV104
Wing lift and drag AER298
Darcy's law GEE104
Coastal Engineering CIV4750
The Venturi Effect AER192
Flow through valves AER192
Diffusers MEC6016
Exernal flow GEE204
Custard run GEE204
Non Newtonian Fluids GEE204