iForge Hacks: Rice Seeder Design Challenge

The iForge has teamed up with Agri-smart Cambodia and University of Sheffield Enterprise (USE) to run a socially conscious Engineering design challenge. This a great opportunity for you to get involved with a project that has potential to make a real difference, while gaining valuable teamwork and design experience.

When: Saturday 9th - Sunday 10th June 2018
Time: 10am - 6pm
Location: The Diamond
Top Prize: £400 cash
Runners-up prize: worth £100

The Challenge:

To produce innovative and creative design solutions to varied problems a rice seeder device is facing, in a two day intensive design challenge. You will have access to the actual SolidWorks CAD Files of the current Seeder, and you can solve this problem by either:

1. Focusing on improving the current design
2. Completely innovating a new system that works more effectively


How will you solve it?

You would be working in a team of four to innovatively adapt and upgrade the rice seeder, with direct communication to the team in Cambodia who produce the machine. You will be given two days to plan, design, prototype, and present a design concept to a panel of judges; while considering social and practical engineering issues. You will have access to workshop equipment, 3D printers, and prototyping materials as necessary.

The rough plan:

Saturday 9th June

  • You will be briefed on the design problems in-depth
  • You will be expected to research, develop and refine initial design ideas
  • Time will be allocated to allow you to use 3D printers and other workshop machinery

Sunday 10th June

  • You will have a chance to talk directly to the team in cambodia to answer any queries you may have about the seeder
  • The day will be dedicated more towards physical prototyping alongside preparation of your presentation
  • You will present a 5 minute presentation to a panel of specially selected judges
  • Winning teams will be decided on the day and prizes will be allocated

External collaborators will be involved to help guide you in your design development process

The designs you create may end up being used across paddies in Cambodia, improving the lives of local farmers and the people surrounding them.

This will be a fun, engaging and meaningful project you definitely don’t want to miss out on!
You can apply to be in a team with friends or an individual to be randomly assigned to a team.

Lunch and refreshments provided by USE