Continuous Powder Processing Plant

The first of its scale in any UK university, the Continuous Powder Processing Plant provides platform to unite and integrate expertise in the area of pharmaceutical solids manufacturing and address the challenges in the field.
High value formulated products are worth £180 billion per year to the UK economy and cover a range of industry sectors including pharmaceuticals, consumer products, speciality chemicals, agricultural chemicals and food products.

In recent times, the global pharmaceutical industry has increasingly implemented integration of continuous manufacture of solid dosage forms due to the better quality consistence and reduces development costs.
Students using this facility are immersed in the culture of product engineering using high class characterisation equipment to measure both the properties of the formulations and the attributes of product tablets they produce.
The facility includes powder process steps for formulated product manufacture such as crystallisation, blending granulation and tableting.

Students use the plant to test design model for individual unit operations and use the integrated manufacturing process for open ended research/ design projects suitable for master’s students.
The faculty is also available for training and continuing education for employees in industry sectors that manufacture formulated products.