Public spaces

As part of our commitment to engage with the city and forge links, The Diamond is partially open to the public and there is no swipe access to enter the building.

At the main entrance on the ground floor you will be greeted by the reception desk and a large public café to the left.

You will be able to view the lower half of the double-height ‘pilot plant’ engineering lab. This has large windows to the outside so pedestrians and motorists can see the impressive engineering kit.

Next to this are windows into the upper half of the double-height, 400 seat lecture theatre, rising from the basement.

There is no swipe-access to the basement and the wide-open stairways and white walls make this a pleasant, open environment. In addition to the 400-seat lecture theatre, the basement features two 240-capacity lecture theatres and two 160-capacity lecture theatres. Windows let you look into the lecture theatres to observe University teaching taking place.

You can also visit the front area of first floor, which has soft seating in front of views over St Georges Church.