Foundation Programme in Combined Studies structure

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The Foundation Programme in Combined Studies is delivered part-time at Level 0 over two years. In each year, students must take three Level 0 modules together worth at least 60 credits in total each year.

First year modules

The first year of study provides you with a firm grounding in those study skills, including language and numerical skills, needed for successful progression throughout your university career and introduces you to one of three broad areas of disciplinary study. It also includes opportunities to consider in more detail what specific degree or certificate path you would like to pursue in the future.

In the first year of study you complete two 20-credit core modules (Academic Literacy and Communication Skills, and Maths and Statistics).

You also complete a third 20-credit introductory module in Humanities, Social Sciences, or Natural Sciences, chosen according to interest or your intended subject specialism in the second year.

Second year modules

The second year of study allows you to focus in much more detail upon specific subject areas, including the completion of an extended project in an area of study of particular interest to you relevant to your intended future studies.

In this year, you will complete one core module, the Extended Project (20 credits).

You will also study two subject-specific 20-credit modules, usually chosen from the following list:

  • Foundations of Biology
  • Foundations of Chemistry
  • Foundations of English
  • Foundations of Geography
  • Foundations of History
  • Foundations of Psychology
  • Foundations of Sociology

Throughout your foundation programme you will be studying alongside students progressing to a range of different degrees. Our teaching is mostly in small groups, ranging across a varied multi-disciplinary curriculum, which means that we actively encourage you to explore and expand your subject interests whilst at the same time building networks of support which will last you throughout your time at University.