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The Department for Lifelong Learning offers modules that any student can take as part of their Level 1 unrestricted module choices.

Our Level 1 modules examine the world around us and our place within it. Have you ever wondered about the basis of culture and national identity? Or questioned how we live in modern, urban communities? Maybe you have considered the way in which ‘place’ frames your life chances and your understanding of wider society? These modules will help you to answer these questions and many more.

The following modules are available:

Time and Humanity. 20 credits (ACE1361)

This module explores how different cultures have ordered, represented and experienced time, and consider how different approaches to time can be understood. We trace how historical shifts from the agrarian to the industrial may have changed peoples’ experience of time and the world we live in. We look critically at the ways humans have interpreted time and history through the creation and adaptation of language, texts and material culture. We also examine imaginative representations of past and future time through literary analysis, including narratives of the future such as science fiction and dystopian/utopian fiction.

This module is taught on alternate Thursday evenings during semesters 1 & 2.

Culture and Identity. 20 credits (ACE1363)

In this module the student will explore the processes involved in identity construction and its cultural expression, including how stereotypes are created, reproduced or resisted. It introduces a range of theoretical approaches to culture and identity and considers how identities are constantly being formed and reformed in the modern world – for example, through migration flows in and out of the modern city. Students will critically analyse and reflect on cultural activity and expression in a range of material, textual and visual forms including examples which may be selected from television, film, photography, art, literature, language, music, food, dress, religion or ritual.

This module is taught on alternate Tuesday evenings during semesters 1 & 2.

Here's what current students say about this module:

"What I like best about the module is that we learn about aspects of culture and identity through the lectures and discussions with students from diverse backgrounds"

"Learning about other cultures and identities in this module is both interesting and surprising! Not only educational, as you would expect, but fun too!"

Ideas that Changed the World. 20 credits (ACE1360)

This interdisciplinary module examines the ideas of innovative thinkers and movements within the humanities and social sciences. It assesses the wider impact of their work upon contemporary understanding, behaviour and society. The module explores periods of radical innovation, for example the Enlightenment thinking of the late eighteenth century or societal and cultural changes that came about in the 1960s through the civil rights and womens' movements. In exploring these theoretical and practical forces for change (intellectual, social, political, cultural) it considers how different approaches to the dissemination of knowledge can fundamentally change our thinking and the ways that we interact with the world we live in.

This module is taught on a Wednesday evening.

Researching with Communities. 10 credits (ACE1813)

This Module aids the development of practical skills which will enable implementation of research action within the student’s own community setting. It will consolidate understanding of community-based enquiry based on action research principles and encourage students to critically reflect on aspects of their own research practice. The Module requires students to select an issue in their community setting to research and to plan, implement and evaluate improvements which might be achieved through an action research approach.

This module is taught on Tuesday afternoon during semester 2.

How to enrol

Come and visit us at the Module Enrolment Event during Intro Week! This is where students register for unrestricted modules. For more information visit: www.sheffield.ac.uk/registration/newstudents/moduleevent

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