Part-time undergraduates - funding frequently asked questions

The questions and answers below will help you understand more about how you can fund your studies with us through The Department for Life Long Learning (DLL).


How do I apply for loans from Student Finance England?

You can apply for loans from Student Finance England online. Applications usually open in the summer.

They also have information about the support available and eligibility criteria on their website.

You can contact Student Finance England on 0300 100 0607.

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Who can get a tuition fee loan and part-time maintenance loan from Student Finance England?

To be able to access loans (and a bursary from the University) you need to be eligible for student finance. The criteria are set by the government and are based on your nationality or residency and if you have studied for a degree before. The full list of who qualifies for support is available via Student Finance England

If you have any questions about your eligibility for Student Finance or a University of Sheffield bursary, please contact us at

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Am I eligible for a University of Sheffield part-time bursary?

You can check your eligibility for a bursary by viewing our part-time bursaries webpage. If you would like further information please email

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When should I apply for my loans from Student Finance England?

Applications for a tuition fee loan can be made online from the summer before you start your course in September.

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When should I apply for my University of Sheffield part-time bursary?

You can apply for your bursary once you have started your course.

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What is counted as household income?

Household income is made up of either your income, your partner’s income (if you are over 25 or not dependent on your parents for financial support) or your parents' income (if you are under 25 and financially dependent on them).

Examples of income:
- Job seekers allowance and low income benefits, you can provide your benefits letter as evidence.
- Any income earned from paid employment, evidence of this via wages slips, P60, highlighting payments shown on bank statements.
- Any money from unearned sources e.g. money from property you rent to others, income generated from savings or investments and pensions.

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How do I provide evidence of my household income?

If you are starting your course in or after September 2018 and you apply for a part-time maintenance loan you will not need to provide any evidence of your household income.

If you started your course prior to September 2018 and you want to apply for a University of Sheffield part-time bursary you will need to provide evidence of household income, this includes your income, your partner’s income (if you are over 25 or not dependent on your parents for financial support) or your parents' income (if you are under 25 years old at the start of your course and you live with your parents).

To confirm your household please provide:
• a copy of your council tax letter

You can show total household income by providing any of the following:
• P60
• 3 months wage slips
• Benefits letter
• 3 months bank statements showing income

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What is the Student Finance notification letter?

When you have completed an application for a loan with Student Finance, they will send you a letter confirming whether or not you are eligible for a loan. This is your Student Finance notification letter.

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Do I have to send in all of my documents together?

No, you can post or bring your supporting documents to The Financial Support Team, Level 6 Students' Union, University of Sheffield, Western Bank, Sheffield, S10 2TG. Our office hours are Monday to Friday 9.00 am – 4.30 pm. You can also scan your documents and email them as attachments to . You can send in your documents together or individually if necessary.

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What if I live with my parents, I'm under 25 but not financially dependent on them?

You can highlight payments you make to your parents on your bank statements and provide a statement from them of this arrangement.

We will then look at only you (and your partner's) income

NB. If you are over 25 we will not look at your parents' income.

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What if I live with a housemate?

If you do not have a separate tenancy or mortgage agreement, you can highlight payments you make for your share of the rent and bills on your bank statements. We would expect the amounts to be regular payments and proportionate e.g. if there are 2 people in the household, you would pay half of the bills and rent.

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How do I show I am living as a single person?

Your council tax statement will show that you are the only adult living at that address and receiving a 25% discount. You can also provide your tenancy agreement/mortgage statement that will only have one named adult.
If you have been married but are now separated, a copy of a solicitor’s letter confirming the separation is required.

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I am still waiting for confirmation from Student Finance about my loan. How long will this take?

Depending on the time of year, it can take up to 6 weeks for Student Finance England to process your application and send you confirmation. With this in mind, we are able to keep your registration pending until you have received a response from Student Finance. We encourage all students to apply for a loan as early as possible.

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Can you accept printed online bank statements?

Yes, we are able to accept printed online bank statements. Please ensure that your name and account number are visible.

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How will I be notified whether or not I will receive a University of Sheffield part-time Bursary?

You will be sent an email to your student email, so please check this on a regular basis.

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How long will the University of Sheffield part-time Bursary application process take?

It usually takes 10-15 working days from us receiving your application and full supporting documents (proof of income, council tax, 3 months bank statements, etc.). We are unable to confirm your bursary until we have all your documents.

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Do I have to do anything once I have provided all of my documents?

No, we will e-mail you with the outcome of your bursary assessment.

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Where can I go to get help with my application?

For help with your application for a University Bursary or for a loan with Student Finance, we recommend that you make an appointment with a Money Adviser at the Student Advice Centre. They can also contact Student Finance on your behalf if you have any queries regarding your assessment. The Advice Centre is based on Level 3 or the Students' Union. You can call them to book an appointment on 0114 222 8660 or email

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What other financial support is available from the University of Sheffield?

If you have dependants (not animals) there is the Financial Support Fund which we pay to students as a contribution to your additional costs. If you provide your child benefit letter with your University Bursary application we will assess you for additional funds.

If you are facing additional travel costs to attend your course, we can assist with this too, however, these funds are very limited and generally only students who travel from outside Sheffield are eligible. For more information please contact the Financial Support Team on 0114 222 1319 or email

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