Dr Sarita Nair

Department for Lifelong Learning

University Tutor: Foundation Programme

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Dr Sarita Nair
Department for Lifelong Learning
Edgar Allen House
241 Glossop Rd
S10 2GW

Before Joining DLL, University of Sheffield in September 2022, Sarita has worked as research associate at Teesside University. Sarita has also previously worked as research associate and associate lecturer at Buckinghamshire New University where she obtained her associate fellow of Higher education academy (AFHEA) certification.

Sarita was awarded Ph.D. in Applied Chemistry following her research into polymer based organic solar cells at Delhi Technological University, India. Sarita also holds BSc (Honours) Chemistry and MSc in Chemistry. While Sarita continues to refine her teaching methods as she gains experience, she believes that her patience and love for teaching will contribute to
her success as a tutor.

Research interests

Her specialist area of interest is varied and multidisciplinary in nature and encompasses aspects of organic solar cells, polymers, conducting polymers and product designing. She is particularly interested in the applications of these research topics in general to the design of sustainable systems and processes. She has authored 10 reviewed publications in international journals of repute. She is a regular reviewer in the International Journals.

Teaching interests

Sarita teaches on several modules for the Department of lifelong learning including Foundations of Chemistry, Introduction to Maths and Statistics.


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