Bishnu Pariyar

Bishnu Pariyar, BA (Hon) First Class; PhD (York)

University Tutor: Society and Culture


I gained my BA (Hons), First Class in Social Policy from the University of York (2003-2006). I undertook a multidisciplinary PhD in Social Policy and Environment at the University of York. I worked on DfID-ESRC funded “Energy Gardens” project and a NERC funded High-mountain Asia: building Resilience to Water Variability using Experiments, Surveys and Account of Tradition (HARVEST) as a Research Fellow at the University of Leeds.

I am an interdisciplinary environmental social scientist with a general interest on human-environment interactions particularly in the management and utilisation of natural resources in developing countries. In particular, my research seeks to understand the role of structural and institutional factors in natural resource management, poverty/vulnerability reduction and enhancing resilience and livelihoods of marginal communities in Nepal.

I am also associated with Nepal Energy Garden Project:

I am also affiliated with Dalit Alliance for Natural Resource Nepal (DANAR Nepal, as Research Fellow and with the Centre for Ecology Law and Policy (CELP, in the UK as a Research Associate.


Module Leader and Tutor

ACE 0344 Foundations of Sociology
ACE 0347 Foundations of Geography

Module Tutor

ACE0340 Academic Literacy and Community Skills

Recent Publications

Pariyar, B. Lovett, J.C. and Sunam, R. (forthcoming). Reducing Inequality of Access in Natural Resources: Evidence from a Farmers Managed Irrigation System in Nepal. World Development.

Sunam, R., Pariyar, B., Khadka, M. and Pariyar, P. (forthcoming) Moving towards Inclusive Meritocracy: Conceptual and Empirical Insights on Affirmative Action from Post-Conflict Nepal. Journal of Development Studies.

Quincey, D., Klaar, M., Haines, D., Lovett, J.C., Pariyar, B., Gurung, G., Brown, L., Watson, C., England, M. and Evans, B. (2017) The Changing Water Cycle: the need for an integrated assessment of the resilience to changes in water supply in High-Mountain Asia. WIREs Water.

Pariyar, B., Lovett, J.C. and Snell, C. (2017) Inequality of access in irrigation systems of the mid-hills of Nepal. Area Development and Policy. DoI:

Pariyar, B. and Lovett, J.C. (2016) Dalit identity in urban Pokhara, Nepal. Geoforum 75, pp. 134-147. DoI :

Pariyar B. (2007) Dalits and Natural Resource Governance: Social Taxonomy, Socio-Economic Heterogeneity and Distributional Implication of Irrigation Development in Nepal, in Hussain, I., Z. A. Gill, Zeeshan, N. and Salman, S. (Eds.) Institutional and Technological Interventions for Better Irrigation Management in the New Millennium, International Network on Participatory Irrigation Management, Washington DC pp. 104-117.

Hammerton, J., Pariyar, B., Joshi, L.R., Ross, A.B., Lovett, J.C., Shrestha, K.K. and Li, H (forthcoming) Characterisation of biomass resources in Nepal and assessment of potential for increased charcoal production. Journal of Environmental Management.

Conference Publications

Pariyar B. (2008) Property Rights and Natural Resource Management: Equitable Water Distribution Using Indigenous Technology in a Farmers Managed Irrigation System in Nepal, submitted for IASC Biannual Conference, University of Gloucestershire, UK, 14-19 July 2007.

Working Papers

Pariyar B. (2014) Structural Reinforcements of Inequality in Socio-Economically Heterogeneous Communities: A Case Study of Irrigation Interventions in Nepal, CELP Working Paper Series, Centre for Ecology, Law and Policy (CELP), White Rose Collaboration, School of Geography, University of Leeds, UK.

Pariyar B. and Ward, A.E. (2005) Social Entrepreneurship: Producing Yunus out of Branson and Teresa, Enterprise York Working Paper, Centre of Excellent in Teaching and Learning, University of York.