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About Green Impact

Green Impact is a sustainability accreditation scheme that runs in universities and colleges across the UK. The University of Sheffield has taken part since 2009/2010, as part of their behaviour change strategy to reduce carbon emissions - they have committed to a 43% carbon emission reduction by 2020.

The Department for Lifelong Learning Green Impact team consists of:

  • Angi Johnson
  • Rosalind Tratt
  • Jack Smith
  • Emily Edmunds

The department is currently a Silver Award holder, and will hopefully going for Gold this year.

5 most positive environmental impacts

The Department for Lifelong Learning is committed to introducing environmentally friendly working practices. Here are some key activities we have introduced to help save energy, and promote a green working space:

1. Thermostats on radiators are turned down and staff are aware of how to do this themselves. This has led to fewer windows being opened in winter.

2. Portable heaters have been scrapped.

3. Staff have been encouraged to buy fairly traded tea and coffee for departmental use, and many use fairly traded for personal use.

4. We have started purchasing eco-friendly stationery wherever possible.

5. Staff are aware of the need to switch off computer screens and lights when not in use. Most staff now remember to do this and occasionally they are rewarded.