The journey of success

Having earned PhD in Molecular Biology & Biotechnology fromThe University of Sheffield in September 2011, I joined Pakistan’s leading medical school, Dow University of Health Sciences (DUHS) Karachi as ‘Assistant Professor (Biochemistry)’. Soon after embarking upon my professional journey, I began to witness quick promotions within DUHS to the posts of (i) ‘Head of Clinical Biochemistry & Chemical Pathology’, and then (ii) ‘Deputy Director, Dr Ishrat-ul-Ebad Khan Institute of Blood Diseases’. I began to gain nationwide popularity, esp. among the health community of the country, being basically a medical graduate myself. The journey of success continued and I was then being considered for the post of ‘Additional Director, Dow Diagnostic Research & Reference Laboratory’. Meanwhile, DUHS received a request from Pakistan Medical & Dental Council (PM&DC), Islamabad for my deputation to PM&DC as ‘Secretary (Administrative Head)’, where I completed given tasks of one year within 6 months.

Studying PhD at The University of Sheffield is not just a matter of earning one’s doctorate degree; it’s a lifestyle. It’s rather grooming of a person (in academic context of course) to fit in the society, covering non-academic aspects of life too. During my PhD, I had an opportunity to embellish my communication & interpersonal skills. I had attended workshops on leadership skills and how to be an effective team player. Apart from academic excellence, there was significant emphasis on social values and ethical norms. I had gradually learned that I wasn’t supposed to limit myself just to the section / department that I was linked to. I felt myself connected to most of the campus, if not all. This gave me a sense of belonging & team work. On returning to my homeland after completing PhD, I applied the same principles at my work place (DUHS), and stood out as a successful team leader. I sometimes feel that there is something special in the soil of Sheffield that makes you a rising sun.

As ‘Head of Clinical Biochemistry & Chemical Pathology’ at Dow University of Health Sciences (DUHS), I had an opportunity to work in close association with Abbott Laboratories. We installed complete Total Lab Automation (TLA) set-up at Dow Diagnostic Laboratory in July 2013, being pioneers in Pakistan and 3rd in entire Asia to have this facility. We introduced a broad range of biochemical blood tests round the clock for the public at incredibly subsidized rates. This also resulted in generating huge revenue for DUHS, and an ‘Achievement Award’ for myself. Keeping in view the high demand of our quality-assured diagnostic performance at TLA, our laboratory collection points proliferated exponentially across the city of Karachi, penetrating and catering for the province of Sindh. Plans are underway to cover other provinces also, esp. Islamabad Capital Territory. We are also working on providing the community with text alerts of and online access to their test results with confidentiality.

Head of Clinical Biochemistry & Chemical Pathology
Karachi – Pakistan

Nov 2015