Research opportunities


The Don catchment is a data rich, well studied catchment.  The range and variety of research which has been conducted in the catchment has resulted in a huge research resource.  These research data are held by the University of Sheffield. 


The University has archived over 800 datasets relating to the Don catchment.  These range in type from Excel spreadsheets, photographic records, documents, reports, scanned historic documents and shapefiles for use in Geographic Information Systems.  For example, the data include all those datasets which underpin the research detailed on the project pages.

Some of these data have been collected directly by University researchers; others are licensed to the University from outside organisations such as the Environment Agency, Wildlife Trusts, the Met Office, Ordnance Survey, the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology and Sheffield City Council.  The pie chart opposite gives an overview of the type of data archived by the University. 

Sheffield University have also created a bibliography which details over 35 books that focus on the Don catchment.  It also lists over 60 peer-reviewed journal papers resulting directly from the University's research in the Don catchment.


This data resource offers a great opportunity for future research and collaboration. If you have ideas for possible research topics within the catchment, or would like to collaborate with the University or discuss the use of any of the datasets, please get in touch with Professor David Lerner

The Don near Conisburgh

The river Don near Conisbrough


Dataset pie chart

Breakdown of the Don catchment datasets by general category