What our students say

Most of our students who study abroad regard it as the highlight of their university career.

Caitlin Regan (BSc Economics)

Study abroad programme - University of Western Australia

"As I'm now in the middle of revising for my first class test in two weeks time, I look back at where I was last year - about to embark on a months trip around New Zealand, as the three month Australian summer holidays began.

By studying abroad I was able to travel the world, push myself out of my comfort zone, meet new people from all over the world and enhance my university experience to make myself stand out for future employment prospects. Not only did I visit four new continents whilst in Western Australia, I also met some lifelong friends from North-America and came home with a higher average (first) that I was hoping for.

Although I love Sheffield, there hasn't been a day gone by I haven't wished to be back in Perth, a seven minute bus ride from one of the most gorgeous beaches in the world, with the sun shining and the fulfillment of living abroad. One thing I know for sure now having studied abroad is that I never want to stay in the same place for too long, and I will always push myself to exceed any expectations I set. "

Photo of student Caitlin Regan in Australia

 Gregory Beaumont (BA Economics)

Erasmus programme - Tilburg University

"The Erasmus program helped me reduce my final tuition fees drastically, whilst the Erasmus grant helped me to travel around Europe on weekends.

Tilburg University has been a unique experience to gain exposure to senior influential officials, having received lectures by members of The European Bank, World Health Organization and Department for International Development.

Studying in such a diverse environment and producing work which contributed to real life projects such as the World Health Organization’s fight against Ebola has been an enlightening experience and has helped me round my economic and policy making skills. I am certain this experience will help me graduate The University of Sheffield as a better economist!

Studying abroad has opened up and given me a competitive advantage in the graduate job market. I have had twice as many responses from top tier firms compared to my second year. I have also received feedback from recruiters saying how international experience is becoming a key criterion to stand out in the top international firms."

Photo of Erasmus student Gregory Beaumont