Masters Student Testimonials

Fazeela Khan - MSc International Finance and Economics 2016 (Pakistan)

Photo of Masters student Fazeela Khan

Why did you choose to study your Masters in the Department of Economics at the University of Sheffield?

Having already studied at the University of Sheffield for my undergraduate degree, I was very satisfied with my lecturers and the overall learning experience. The University of Sheffield is really generous in rewarding merit scholarships to the international students.

I was fortunate enough to receive 50% merit scholarship to pursue my masters study. Another reason for choosing Sheffield University is that the Sheffield Students’ Union has been voted number one in UK for eight consecutive years and this shows that its student voice is really heard and opinions are taken into consideration by the university.

Why did you choose to study your particular degree? What did it enable you to study?

I’m studying an MSc International Finance and Economics. I chose this degree because I have an interest in macroeconomics and finance. I have always enjoyed this aspect of economics, how it effects the national economy and international trade. After the global banking crisis of 2008, I not only wanted to learn the consequences of our globalised world but also the strategies to avoid such crisis from happening again. Therefore, I was really happy that my degree choice covered modules that will help me understand these aspects of economics to become a better economist.

Photo of Masters student Fazeela Khan and fellow students

What do you think about the campus and the learning environment at the University of Sheffield?

We have lectures and workshops for each module. For me workshops provide a good opportunity to revise the lecture, attempt the questions provided by the lecturer and then ask any questions in an interactive environment. Overall I like the teaching methods of all the lecturers as they bring in their own style and humour to the classroom, they are experts in their subjects and they link the current global situation to the theory which makes the learning more enjoyable and interesting. Modules that require us to use a software usually have computer lab sessions.

The use of My Online Learning Environment's (MOLE) discussion board is another way that lectures and students interact with each other. It is useful because students can answer each others problems and the lecturer would comment if nobody got the solution right. This really is a quick way of getting your questions answered. Also the departmental language program is really helpful as we are taught how to structure our dissertation and other techniques that complement with our core modules.

What skills and experiences have you learnt from the modules you’ve taken?

In some of my modules, I needed to work together with a group of five other students to present our workshop questions. As I was the group leader I had to delegate tasks to my team and listen to any of their concerns or suggestions. I've have learnt to work in a team but also the skills to be an effective leader.

In another module I had to present my assignment draft, which enhanced my presentation skills and also gave me the opportunity to understand how present economic ideas in a way that a non-economist can understand the concept as well. Through my econometrics modules, I was able to learn STATA software and apply it to my assignments and dissertation. This course has not only enhanced the specialist knowledge in my degree subjects but also improved my research skills.

What careers support have you accessed or received from the University of the Department of Economics?

The University of Sheffield has an excellent career service and I made appointments with them while I was applying for graduate jobs. The staff are friendly and very helpful in providing the best advice on getting a job. The Careers Service website has many useful resources such as a mock interview simulator, psychometric tests, sample CV and cover letters, that you can use in your own time.

Photo of Masters students

Have you been part of a student society or sports team? If so, please can you tell us about it?

Me and five of my classmates were able to raise £150 for Children Heart Surgery Hospital through the University's RAG Charity. Along with fundraising, we also had to participate in a ‘Rat Race’ which was sort of like a treasure hunt, I really enjoyed this experience and was able to do something fun while contributing towards a good cause.

What are your plans after graduation? How has your course helped increase your employability?

The advantage of my degree is that there are a number of different sectors I could get a job in. I am looking for jobs in banking sector, research and consultancy. My degree has given me the confidence and skills to think of better ideas to find the solutions to financial and economic problems.