Masters Student Testimonials

Sandie-Marie Szawlowski, MSc Economics

Photo of Sandie-Marie Szawlowski

"I choose to study at the University of Sheffield, because I fell in love with the city on the open day. I spoke to a number of lecturers in the Economics department who were obviously really passionate about both their subject and teaching.I got a great vibe when I was walking around the students union, you could really tell that the university had a great student community.

Studying for my masters has been a lot of hard work and is extremely time consuming. In some modules you may be assessed as often as every 3 weeks. The content compared to undergraduate content is obviously harder, but the main difficulty is the amount you need to learn and know.

All the lecturers are great and I’ve found modules have much smaller groups than in my undergraduate degree so are really interactive. The lecturers are easily accessible and are more than willing to work with you to help.

There are loads of different opportunities to get involved in the department itself such as, the learning and teaching committee and the postgraduate student-staff forum. This year, as the chair of the student-staff forum, I have gained a great insight in how much the department cares for their students and they are continuously trying to improve the service offered to students.

Internship through the Postgraduate Advantage Scheme (PAS)

During my masters I have also taken part in the Postgraduate Advantage Scheme (PAS) where I did an Internship as a Business Systems Analyst at Cavendish Cancer Care.

Cavendish Cancer Care is a charity whose aim is to improve the quality of life of those affected by cancer. They support over 1,500 people annually with free care such as assessments, counselling and a variety of therapies for those with cancer, their primary carer and children.

My role was to analyse the systems in place in the different departments within the charity (financial/administration, fundraising, reception and therapy) and attempt to address any problems and inefficiencies which members of staff may have had.

I loved working at the Cavendish Centre and believe that the experience I have had here will support my future career path. I would like to pursue a career in consultancy, and feel I gained a number of transferable and job-specific skills during the Internship such as communication, problem solving and critical-thinking.

My degree choice will put me in a better position in a competitive employment market. However, I did not choose my course for the career, but I chose my career path because I enjoyed my course so much. Studying at a well-known Russell group university with a great reputation will really help my employability."