Zizhou Luo


Department of Economics

PhD Student and Graduate Teaching Assistant

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Full contact details

Zizhou Luo
Department of Economics
9 Mappin Street
S1 4DT

Zizhou obtained his Bachelor's degree of Economics in Finance from Sichuan University (Chengdu, China) in 2017. Afterwards, he received MSc Applied Economics with Banking and Financial Markets from the University of Bath (Bath, UK) in 2018. Zizhou is currently a doctoral candidate at the University of Sheffield (Sheffield, UK) and a member of Sheffield Household Finance Research Group. His empirical research of household finance uses Chinese representative household-level data from different datasets.

Research interests

Zizhou is interested in the following research area(s):

  • Household finance
Research group


Teaching activities

Zizhou is the current tutor for the following modules for academic year 2021-22:

  • ECN118 Mathematical Methods for Economics 1 (Online and In Person)
  • ECN21007 Statistics and Econometrics (Online and In Person)
  • ECN602 Applied Macroeconometrics (Stata Computer Labs) 

He has also tutored previously for the following modules:

  • ECN219/ECN309 Research Methods and Introductory Econometrics (Stata Computer Labs)
  • ECN130 Economic Analysis and Policy
  • ECN119 Mathematical Methods for Economics 2