Our extensive refurbishment is now complete and Monday 4 August 2014 saw the Department of Economics return to 9 Mappin Street.

So what's changed?

  • On the ground floor, there is now an extensive social space for economics students, with sofas, low tables, Wi-Fi, computer facilities, information screens, and vending machines. So now you can meet up with other students, use the computers, and catch up with the latest news and developments in economics.
  • The department’s Student Support and Enquiry Office is now on the 4th floor (Room 435). The reception desk is directly ahead of you as you exit from the central stairwell/lift.
  • The venues for staff Consultation and Feedback (C&F) times will be back in individual staff offices which are all located on the 4th and 5th floors. C&F times for academic year 2014/15 will be published on MOLE in due course.
  • As part of the University’s commitment to reducing and managing its environmental impact there will be new recycling facilities around the building. Please use them appropriately to support this initiative.
  • All the seminar rooms in 9 Mappin Street have also been completely rebuilt as part of the refurbishment.
  • State of the art ventilation system that reacts to the amount of people in the room at any one time.

9 Mappin Street facts, in numbers

  • 8     refurbished pool seminar rooms
  • 12   plug sockets in the student social space to charge mobile devices
  • 22   female toilets in the building
  • 40   desks for Economics PhD students (3rd floor)
  • 45   lounge seats in student social area
  • 51   new recycling bins
  • 70   inches the size of the plasma screens in seven of the new pool seminar rooms
  • 192 windows throughout the building

Photo of the 9 Mappin Street entrance

Second photo of the 9 Mappin Street Common Room

Third photo of the 9 Mappin Street Common Room

Fourth photo of 9 Mappin Street Common Room

Photo of 9 Mappin Street Large Seminar Room

Photo of Small Seminar Room G23

Photo of Economics Reception

Second photo of the Economics Reception

Second photo of 9 Mappin Street PhD Area