SERPS 2011

All papers may be downloaded free on the understanding that the contents are preliminary and therefore permission from the author(s) should be sought before they are referenced.

Ref Title Author(s)  
2011025 Household Finances and the 'Big Five' Personality Traits
Sarah Brown and Karl Taylor
2011024 Aid and Fertility: What Does the Cross-Country Evidence Show? David Cuberes and Kevin Tsui
2011023 Persistent Poverty and Children's Cognitive Development: Evidence from the UK Millennium Cohort Study (updated December 2014) Andy Dickerson and Gurleen Popli
2011022 The saving behavior of children: Analysis of British panel data Sarah Brown and Karl Taylor
2011021 Microfinance Non-Financial Services: A Key for Poverty Alleviation? Lessons from Mexico Olga Biosca, Pamela Lenton and Paul Mosley
2011020 Network Interconnectivity with Regulation and Competition Jolian McHardy, Michael Reynolds and Stephen Trotter
2011019 Monetary Policy Preferences of the European Monetary Union and the UK Philip Arestis, Michail Karoglou and Kostas Mouratidis
2011018 Children of the Revolution: Fetal and Child Health amidst Violent Civil Conflict Christine Valente
2011017 Inflation persistence: Implications for a monetary union in the Caribbean Juan Carlos Cuestas and Carlyn Dobson
2011016 Monetary policy effects on output and exchange rates: Results from US, UK and Japan Mustafa Caglayan, Kostas Mouratidis and Elham Saeidinezhad  
2011015 Investigating the oil price-exchange rate nexus: Evidence from Africa Simeon Coleman, Juan Carlos Cuestas and Estefanía Mourelle  
2011014 Fiscal shocks and budget balance persistence in the EU countries from Central and Eastern Europe Juan Carlos Cuestas and Karsten Staehr  
2011013 Price Stickiness Asymmetry, Persistence and Volatility in a New Keynesian Model Alessandro Flamini  
2011012 Economic class and the distribution of income: A time-series analysis of the UK economy, 1955-2010 Juan Carlos Cuestas and Bruce Philp  
2011011 A comment on 'Mixed logit models: Accuracy and software choice.' Arne Risa Hole  
2011010 Educational loans and attitudes towards risk Sarah Brown, Aurora Ortiz-Núñez and Karl Taylor  
2011009 What did the Maoists ever do for us? Education and marriage of women exposed to civil conflict in Nepal Christine Valente  
2011008 How big is the 'German locomotive'? A perspective from Central and Eastern European countries' unemployment rates Juan C. Cuestas, Mercedes Monfort and Javier Ordóñez  
2011007 Intergenerational Analysis of Social Interaction Sarah Brown, Jolian MacHardy and Karl Taylor  
2011006 Access to Abortion, Investments in Neonatal Health, and Sex-Selection: Evidence from Nepal Chirstine Valente  
2011005 Unemployment hysteresis, structural changes, non-linearities and fractional integration in European transition economies Juan C. Cuestas and Luis A. Gil-Alana  
2011004 Firm Productivity, Exchange Rate Movements, Sources of Finance and Export Orientation Mustafa Caglayan and Firat Demir  
2011003 Inventories and sales uncertainty Mustafa Caglayan, Sara Maioli and Simona Mateut  
2011002 Real effects of inflation uncertainty in the US Mustafa Caglayan, Ozge Kandemir and Kostas Mouratidis  
2011001 Overeducation across British regions Pamela Lenton