SERPS 2013

All papers may be downloaded free on the understanding that the contents are preliminary and therefore permission from the author(s) should be sought before they are referenced.

Ref Title Author(s)
2013001 Examining the Link Between Crime and Unemployment: A Time Series Analysis for Canada Zuzana Janko, Gurleen Popli
2013002 History and Urban Primacy: The Effect of the Spanish Reconquista on Muslim Cities David Cuberes, Rafael González-Val
2013003 Egalitarianism and Altruism in Health: To What Extent Are They Related? Ignacio Abásolo, Aki Tsuchiya
2013004 Public Investment and Re-election Prospects in Developed Countries Margarita Katsimi, Vassilis Sarantides
2013005 Inequality and Risk Aversion in Health and Income: An Empirical Analysis Using Hypothetical Scenarios with Losses Ignacio Abásolo, Aki Tsuchiya
2013006 Fighting Discrimination: W. Arthur Lewis and the Dual Economy of Manchester in the 1950s Paul Mosley, Barbara Ingham
2013007 The Role of Financial Depth on the Asymmetric Impact of Monetary Policy (updated February 2014 and March 2015) Mustafa Caglayan, Ozge Kandemir Kocaaslan, Kostas Mouratidis
2013008 The Price Puzzle: Fact or Artefact? Philip Arestis, Michail Karoglou, Kostas Mouratidis
2013009 Asymmetric Trade Liberalisation, Sector Heterogeneity and Innovation Antonio Navas
2013010 Are Internet and Face-to-Face Contacts Complements or Substitutes? Evidence from Internet Traffic between Cities David Cuberes
2013011 Fertility and Financial Development: Evidence from U.S. Counties in the 19th Century Alberto Basso, David Cuberes
2013012 Employee Trust and Workplace Performance Sarah Brown, Jolian McHardy, Karl Taylor
2013013 The London Bombings and Racial Prejudice: Evidence from Housing and Labour Markets Anita Ratcliffe, Stephanie von Hinke Kessler Scholder
2013014 Intermediate Inputs and the Export Gravity Equation
Antonio Navas, Francesco Serti, Chiara Tomasi
2013015 On the Relationship between Exchange Rates and External Imbalances: East and Southeast Asia (updated September 2014) Juan Carlos Cuestas, Paulo José Regis
2013016 Political Cycles in Public Expenditure: Butter vs Guns (updated August 2014) Vincenzo Bove, Georgios Efthyvoulou, Antonio Navas
2013017 Innovation and Trade Policy Coordination: the Role of Firm Heterogeneity Antonio Navas, Davide Sala
2013018 Trade Openness, Institutional Change and Economic Growth Antonio Navas