Work placements

Giving you the edge in a tough jobs market

 One of the things our applicants often ask us about is the sort of work experience opportunities that might be available during their course. The jobs market is a tough place these days. Any advantage you can get could be critical in securing your future.

So we'd like to give you an insight into the work placement experiences that could be available to you if you join the University of Sheffield. To do this we've asked some of our current students in the Department of Economics to share their thoughts about the work placements they've undertaken as part of their degree with employment experience.

Find out what our students made of their work placements using the links below. And please contact us if you'd like to know more.

Elizabeth Kohorn-Hill, Department for Work and Pensions

"Over the placement year I become the analytical lead for an area of policy my department was responsible for. This included the development and publication of two Official Statistical government publications, had meetings with Ministers and Directors to present analysis and advise on strategy."

Tom Fletcher, Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC)

"I produced briefing material which went to the Prime Minister, and other ministers – this really built upon my ability to explain complex economics to non-economists."

Roisin Byrne, The Walt Disney Company

"As a student of Business Management and Economics, and a keen film fan, I was very drawn to working at Disney as they are the world’s leading mass media organisation."

Dave Hunter HM Treasury

"I enjoy the research and commentary on current economic conditions as opposed to jobs such as accounting. HMT also gives the opportunity to contribute towards wider policy measures which affect the whole country"

Mohammad Jamai HM Treasury

"I think I'm a completely different person now, after my year in industry. The placement is perfectly tailored to a second-year economics student who wants to learn more about how economics works in government and how it's applied in real life"

James Kinsella UBS

"It's much easier to get an internship with no previous experience than a grad job with no previous experience. It makes sense to give yourself a better chance of getting the job you want"

Matt Maxfield Bank of England

"From the moment I joined I was given work that made a real contribution to our team's output. Not only have I learnt how economic theory is put into practice – I've also learned a lot about working in a large organisation"

Deanna Rushton Rolls Royce

"I have loved my internship so far. It has given me an amazing opportunity to experience work life and make contacts within the RR finance and wider community"

Adam Taylor AMEC Foster Wheeler

"Although being offered jobs with both AMEC Foster Wheeler and KPMG – I decided to reject both offers. After my degree, provided I achieve a 2:1 classification, I have accepted a role on the graduate scheme for Lloyds of London"