Adam Taylor
Amec Foster Wheeler


Where was your internship? Why did you choose that particular organisation?

My internship was with AMEC Foster Wheeler, a project management and consultancy firm providing services to the nuclear energy industry. My main role was providing project support and management services to our clients, who included EDF Energy, Rolls-Royce and the Ministry of Defence.

I chose AMEC Foster Wheeler due to its status as one of the market leaders within the industry and also as it is a FTSE100 company, providing great opportunities for career progression. 

What are your thoughts on the internship? What have you learned from it?

The internship I undertook with AMEC Foster Wheeler was a fantastic experience and one that will prove priceless for my future working life. It provided me with real experience of the working world and helped to build my communication, planning and organisational skills.

From my internship I have learnt that it is vital to plan your time appropriately so as to fulfil the requirements set out for you – and to effectively communicate with your colleagues and superiors in order to complete tasks as efficiently as possible.

After my internship I was offered a permanent role following the completion of my degree. 

What do you plan to do when your degree ends?

Although being offered roles with both AMEC Foster Wheeler and – subsequently, following a strenuous application process, KPMG – I decided to reject both offers. After my degree, provided I achieve a 2:1 classification, I have accepted a role on the graduate scheme for Lloyds of London, in the insurance marketplace. This will involve working at insurance brokers and managing agents and completing my diploma in insurance.

This is a fantastic opportunity to work in an ever-expanding industry and to experience life working at the heart of the City. It would not have been possible without my previous internship. 

What would you say to anyone thinking of studying economics at Sheffield and/or taking an internship?

Studying economics at Sheffield is a great opportunity to study for a degree that has applicability in the real world and is one of the most highly sought after degrees by employers. The Department of Economics at Sheffield provides excellent help and guidance regarding module choices, graduate and internship opportunities and general support.

Taking an internship is also a great way to enhance your CV and gain experience that you can use for graduate applications – which will help you stand out from the rest of the crowd.

Adam Taylor

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