Dave Hunter
HM Treasury


Where was your internship? Why did you choose that particular organisation?

I had a year-long industrial placement at Her Majesty's Treasury (HMT). I worked in the business sector and trade branch of the macroeconomic analysis team.

I chose HMT as I enjoy the research and commentary on current economic conditions as opposed to jobs such as accounting. HMT also gives the opportunity to contribute towards wider policy measures which affect the whole country.


What are your thoughts on the internship? What have you learned from it?

I very much enjoyed it. Being able to use what I have learnt during my degree is important to me and this was very much the case at HMT. The work was also in areas I'm interested in, so I was more able to engage with it.

I developed a number of general and transferable skills just from being in a full-time job – skills such as writing style, communication and time management. All of these have been very useful for my final year of university. I was also able to develop more technical economic knowledge and its applications to the real world.


What do you plan to do when your degree ends?

I am going back to work for HMT but in a different team than on my placement. Although not offered a job directly from my placement, the experience helped hugely in the application process.


What would you say to anyone thinking of studying economics at Sheffield and/or taking an internship?

They are a great experience and help prepare you for after you graduate. Application deadlines, especially for big companies, are quite early on in your second year. You need to be switched on to when these dates are to make sure you don't miss them.

Saying that, there are lots of internships out there, not just at big companies – so don't worry if you don't get an offer from a large company. Research into a particular area you're interested in, and there will be lots of companies willing to take on an intern.


Dave Hunter at number 10