Deanna Rushton


Where was your internship? Why did you choose that particular organisation?

My internship is at Rolls-Royce within finance. I chose Rolls-Royce as it is a local company to me, as well as being a great company to excel in. They support you through your qualifications such as CIMA and have a great intern and graduate scheme.


What are your thoughts on the internship? What have you learned from it?

I have loved my internship so far. It has given me an amazing opportunity to experience work life and make contacts within the RR finance and wider community. I have learnt how to conduct myself in a work environment, as well as develop transferable skills such as organisational and IT skills, as well as more technical skills such as forecasting.


What do you plan to do when your degree ends?

At the end of my degree, I hope to gain a graduate placement in Rolls-Royce, as their graduate scheme for finance is among the best that I have seen.


What would you say to anyone thinking of studying economics at Sheffield and/or taking an internship?

I would definitely recommend a placement year to anyone studying economics or any other subject. It gives you a competitive advantage when looking for a graduate job, as you already have work experience and have made contacts whilst on placement. It also enabled me to develop my skills to a greater degree than if I hadn't have done my internship. The money I have earned has been nice too!


Rolls Royce