Mohammad Jamei
HM Treasury


Where was your internship? Why did you choose that particular organisation?

My placement was at HM Treasury. I chose it because of the talks we were given in second year and because it was a placement made for economists – as opposed to most other placements, which can be much more general.

I think I'm a completely different person now, after my year in industry. The placement is perfectly tailored to a second-year economics student who wants to learn more about how economics works in government and how it's applied in real life.


What are your thoughts on the internship? What have you learned from it?

I've learnt so much ranging from how to present effectively and with impact to writing in a formal style and creating complex spreadsheets, as well as other skills such as communicating with ministers and their private offices. I'm also a lot more confident in everything I do and much more focussed and determined.


What do you plan to do when your degree ends?

I've secured a job offer from the Government Economic Service and been placed back within the Treasury. I think the placement definitely helped me decide to apply back to the civil service. It was such an enjoyable experience and the opportunities I had while I was there were truly once-in-a-lifetime ones.


What would you say to anyone thinking of studying economics at Sheffield and/or taking an internship?

I'd say to anyone looking to study at Sheffield that it is a very respected university. But in the job market we have at the moment, just attending a respectable university isn't going to automatically land you a job. So taking a year out or doing a summer internship is definitely a bonus to have and it will give you some amazing tools for final year.


Mohammad Jamei