Undergraduate degrees

Our courses are designed to equip you with the tools and techniques of the modern economist. Each course comprises theory modules (emphasising techniques and frameworks used by economists to model the economy and economic behaviour), applied modules (which relate the theory to real-world, contemporary questions and debates) and quantitative modules (concerned with measurement and prediction and the empirical testing of economic theories). The course structures also provide flexibility enabling you to focus on particular areas of the subject through our range of specialist modules.

Dual honours students take roughly half of their modules in Economics and half in their other subject at each level of the course.

Single honours degrees
BA Economics L100
BSc Economics L101
BSc Economics with Finance L1N3
All these courses are available as a four-year degree with Employment Experience or degree with International Experience.
Three-year dual honours degrees
BA Accounting and Financial Management and Economics NL41
BA Business Management and Economics NL21
BSc Economics and Mathematics LG11
BA Economics and Philosophy LV15
BA Economics and Politics LL12
All these courses are available as a four-year degree with Employment Experience
Four-year dual honours degrees
BA French and Economics RL11
BA German and Economics RL21
BA Hispanic Studies and Economics RL41
BA Russian and Economics RL71

Tuition Fees

The University provide general information on fees and funding for undergraduate students.

Information and guidance on fees and funding

Additional costs

There are no mandatory additional costs that economics undergraduate students can expect to incur during their course.

The only costs that a student may incur, but is optional, are text books.

Students can buy text books in a number of different ways. However, the University Library is well resourced with economics texts where you loan text books free of charge. The University Library meets the demands of the majority of students increasingly with electronic books and journal articles.