Your study facilities

Students in and around the Information CommonsiPad on a desk, displaying a keyboard for inputStudents in a library discussing work together, with a laptop

Digital, mobile, interactive, collaborative

We're committed to exploring how technology can improve your study experience. Interactive lectures. Mobile learning. Online collaborative group work on a project. Technology's no substitute for knowing your stuff. But where it can help, we're making it available to enhance your learning and enrich your study of economics.

We've set up Google Apps so you can work together with other economics students on group projects and assignments – using a desktop computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone. And talking of mobile computing, you can now log on to the department's virtual learning environment using a dedicated app for Android, iPad/iPhone and Blackberry devices. So you can keep up to date on your course content and discuss it online with students and tutors, wherever you are.

Over time we're moving towards a system of online submission and marking. This means you'll be able to send us your work from any device with an internet connection. When it's all finished, you won't even need to print out an essay. We'll give you detailed multimedia feedback using innovations in PDF mark-up and digital audio. (But you can always talk to your tutors in person as well when you're around the department.)


Hardware and software to empower you

A personal voting response card (but everyone says 'clicker')At the start of your course we give you a device called a clicker. (It's actually called a personal voting response card, but everyone says 'clicker'.) During lectures and workshops you can use the clicker to interact with your tutor, other students and the issues you're discussing. It's for asking questions, checking everyone's understanding, gathering opinions quickly, promoting individual thought and stimulating another level of dialogue.

Some of our courses involve a fair amount of statistical analysis. So do a great many jobs for economics graduates. That's why we give you access to the latest versions of industry-standard statistics software like Stata and EViews. Using these packages helps with your economics degree and it helps in the jobs market.


Magnificent libraries – and brilliant support

The Information Commons viewed from outsideStudents chatting in the ICStudents working in the Information Commons

IT facilities at the University are supported by our army of technical geniuses over at CiCS. They've been ranked as the UK's top university IT department for two years running (2012 and 2013) in the Student and International Student Barometer survey, with satisfaction rates of more than 95 per cent.

And when you need to go low-tech and turn to a textbook, facilities at Sheffield are still hard to beat. The University's amazing Information Commons is a library for the future that's won a string of prestigious design awards. Open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, it's a huge repository of books and journals which also offers computing facilities, creative media suites, a café, prayer room, and even shower facilities.

Study with us and you know you'll be supported with great facilities that are getting even better.