Proud to work with research students from across the globe

For many years the School of Education has worked with graduate students from countries throughout the world. As well as individuals choosing to come to study in Sheffield, the School has been invited by local organisations to run programmes within their respective countries. Thus from the mid 1980s and following an approach by teachers’ unions, certificate, masters and doctoral programmes were started in Trinidad and Tobago then, in later years, in St Lucia and Jamaica. Although these programmes are no longer running, graduates from the Caribbean now number in the high hundreds, with many working in schools, regional universities and ministries of education.

For a number of years the School of Education also ran programmes in Dubai and Singapore. Most recently a doctoral programme took place in Malta. Programme leaders have always sought to tailor content, resources and pedagogical approaches to local contexts and priorities and this, together with the way in which the doctoral student body in Sheffield is cosmopolitan brings many benefits in terms of broadening staff and student horizons and raising awareness. We welcome the opportunity to work and learn alongside students who come with a range of experiences and perspectives.

This map shows the nationalites of our Research students from 2014 to the present day:

Key: The blue smaller circles represent low numbers of students from this region, moving through to the larger red circles showing higher numbers of students from these areas. By hovering your mouse over these circles you can see the number of students from each region.