Full-time Masters Programme

Please note: We are no longer accepting applications to the Full-time Masters Programe for 2019/20 entry as the programme is now full.

The School of Education offers four full-time, one year masters courses. These support in-depth study in the field of education, with the opportunity to specialise in the following areas: psychology and education; early childhood education and language and education.

Potential applicants should note that this course is not primarily focused on teaching methods nor is it a teaching qualification per se. It is aimed at students wishing to study education more broadly, at a theoretical, philosophical, psychological and sociological level. It will not generally include teaching methods or classroom practice. Neither is it a suitable course for those seeking to develop further their TEFL or TESOL teaching expertise. On the other hand, many serving teachers do come onto the course in order to reflect on their own practice and enhance their existing teaching qualifications. Equally, some of our students subsequently go on to pursue a teaching qualification once they have completed the MA.

Students who speak English as an Additional Language will receive additional individual English Language support and students are offered an academic literacy support course which runs alongside the masters course.

These courses build on our highly successful masters provision to offer a high quality full-time masters programme for both International and UK students.

We also offer an Psychology and Education MSc (Conversion) programme, this provides intensive study in the related fields of Psychology and Education for students who are keen to specialise in this area of education. The programme is enriched by the ethos and culture of the School of Education as well as the critical research, theoretical and practical orientation of our Educational Psychology team.

Pathway Programmes

Our International College provides international students with pathway programmes for progression to degree study at the University:


A diverse experience

Education MA

This course is suitable for students who are interested in theory and research relating to learning, teaching and assessment in their pedagogical and policy aspects. Students are not required to have prior professional experience in teaching and education. It will be possible to undertake a placement module in an educational setting as part of this course.

Education: Early Childhood MA

The Education: Early Childhood Education MA covers a broad range of issues, encouraging students to reflect on their experiences of ECE and current policy. It addresses and explores theory and research relevant to their interests. The content of the course follows that of the internationally renowned, part time mixed mode, distance-learning course, which has been running successfully since 1998.

Psychology and Education MA

The Course is designed for professionals across the globe who are working in education or with young people in a variety of contexts and who are seeking to develop their understanding of the challenges facing the education-related world of the 21st century, with a particular focus on psychological theory.

Education: Language and Education MA

The Language and Education MA is designed for all those interested in languages and education and the role of languages in society. This covers a very broad field and will appeal to all those working in language teaching and learning, both internationally and nationally, whether teaching English as a Foreign Language/Second Language, or teaching second or foreign languages. It will also appeal to those fascinated by the world of linguistics and sociolinguistics.

Psychology and Education MSc (Conversion)

Our Psychology and Education MSc(Conversion) is accredited by The British Psychological Society (BPS). It is a one-year, full-time programme designed to provide intensive study in the related fields of Psychology and Education for students who already possess an Honours degree in another subject (minimum 2:1).

The MA: A Student Perspective

Former students on the full time MA programme have shared their experience of the course on the Student insight webpage, where you will also find information and advice to help smooth the transition into postgraduate life.