International Postgraduate Certificate in Education (iPGCE)

Duration: 1 year part-time (online)

The iPGCE is aimed at both experienced and new practitioners, enabling all students to build on their experiences through critical reading and reflection, and taking each student’s individual position as the start of their learning journey. Through carefully considered support measures and close links between students’ academic and professional development needs, the programme offers flexible development for both those beginning their journey into teaching, and those who are already experienced educators.

The School of Education has considerable expertise and experience in providing education for teachers and other educationalists (in PGCE, Masters programmes, EdD and PhDs) in many different contexts. The iPGCE is a programme specifically tailored to the international market.

This has been the most enriching learning experience of my life so far and has galvanised me in many ways to become a better teacher.

Hina Agarwalla, iPGCE student

The iPGCE is a flexible, part-time, fully online programme of professional enrichment for educators in countries other than the UK, which aims to:

  • Promote a deeper understanding of a range of educational practices, including planning, teaching, and assessment strategies related to students’ professional needs and interests;
  • Develop students’ critical understanding of research principles, policy and practice relating to education in general and to education in their own professional and cultural contexts;
  • Develop students’ understanding of the relationship between research, scholarship, policy and practice, and use of this to reflect critically on their own professional contexts and practice;
  • Develop students’ own ability to conduct rigorous classroom-based research or policy analysis in order to bring about innovation at classroom and institutional levels, and to disseminate their work as appropriate.

While the iPGCE does not offer Qualified Teacher Status (please refer to the FAQ question regarding this) many international schools recognise the value of our postgraduate education certificate.