MA Education, Teaching and Learning

Duration: 3 years part-time (online)

The School of Education has been ranked as one of the UK's top 5 research institutions and was also awarded the highest grade of 'excellent' in the last HEFCE Teaching Quality Assessment.

The MA Education, Teaching and Learning draws on this experience delivering an exciting programme designed to enable teachers to enhance the teaching and learning of their specialist subject by means of critical reflection, and through classroom-based inquiry.

A number of our staff are Fellows and Senior Fellows of the Higher Education Academy, and/or have won awards for teaching. We, as staff, come from all kinds of education backgrounds, and from a variety of national and international contexts, too, just like our students do.

The programme offers focused and tailored professional development for both home and overseas students teaching in a variety of settings and contexts.

Embarking on [the course] has really enabled me to explore my classroom practice in greater depth. The course is both enriching and stimulating and provides a balanced platter of theory and practice. The tutors provide excellent guidance and support throughout.

Daniel Lancewicz

An innovative programme

The MA Education, Teaching and Learning enables you to use the knowledge and skills you gain from the programme in your professional context. It is designed in such a way that it applies directly to you. We have students from all walks of life, working in a wide variety of educational backgrounds. The units and modules are designed to cover theoretical concepts and ideas that are applicable across all contexts, and assignments are set in such a way that you are constantly encouraged to further your own understanding of your specific teaching and learning environment. The programme includes two opportunities for you to conduct research in your own setting – once in Module 2, where students conduct a small-scale research study, and once in form of the dissertation. All modules have been designed so as to have a direct impact on your practice.

The programme thus offers a flexibility which enables newly qualified teachers, heads of department, and other managers in educational institutions, to participate and focus on areas of relevance to them and their employers, and means that the impact of their work is felt significantly. The programme is aimed at education practitioners, and is flexible enough to cater for practitioners working with any curriculum subject in any phase of education.

APSE Student 2

Nearly all of our students work full-time. They are busy people, and many juggle families on top. Following the programme shows that you are actively interested in your own professional development, and you should be able to use it to plan your career progression, too, should you wish to do so. It may be that you are taking on a new professional role, or that you are planning to do so. But it also means that we are aware of the demands professionals have when it comes to juggling work and study. We have tried to make it easy for you by building flexibility into the programme, not just in such a way that means you can focus your assignments around your professional context, but with flexible online working environments, and individual tutor support. All readings and assignment tasks are made available to you at the start of each module, allowing you to work at your own pace. Space has been created online for the whole cohort to come together for online discussions, and individual Skype tutorials and/or email contact with your personal tutor will help keep you on track.