NQT/RQT Support

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As a newly qualified or recently qualified teacher, we would like to offer you our continued support as you enter into the early years of your teaching career. Your course tutor will continue to be available to you to offer advice and guidance and the NQT/RQT website will offer further support in the areas of CPD and resources. Our aim is to help you to build a successful career in the profession.

How to keep in touch

Your tutor or the School of Education

Please stay in touch with the University and let us know how you are getting go on. You are welcome to contact your subject tutor at any time. This might be for support or advice about your NQT year, to request a reference when applying for another teaching post, or just to let them know how you are getting on.

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The University

As soon as you graduate, you automatically become a lifetime member of the University. To acknowledge this, the University provides a number of benefits and services to all alumni. All our graduates receive our regular e-bulletin and annual magazine, Your University if you have kept us up to date with your contact details. If you are not receiving these, please click here to complete the online update form.

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NQT Conference

NQT/RQT Conference: Meeting the Needs of All Learners

18th October 2017

Last October we ran our inaugural NQT/RQT conference aimed at supporting those in the first two years of their teaching careers. Feedback from delegates was very positive, and for this year we will run a similar event.

The focus will be on meeting the needs of all learners, with workshops ranging from supporting those with autism to developing approaches to enable pupils with English as an additional language to access the curriculum.