There are no written examinations on the PGDE. Instead, progress is monitored by a system of continuous assessment. This takes account of your achievements in the four main areas of the course:

  • Curriculum Work
  • School Experience
  • Educational & Professional Studies
  • Enrichment or Enhancement Experience

School based assessment takes place continuously through the course, whilst Masters assessment is through written assignments, presentation and portfolios. Details of assessment procedures are set out in course handbooks, and you can discuss them with your university tutors and your AUM and AUT in school.

Photograph of PGDE student

Newly Qualified Teacher (NQT) transition

Upon successful completion of the course, all student teachers will take into their first teaching post an NQT transition document. It will be compiled through a process of negotiation between student teachers and university tutors, drawing on evidence of experience gained throughout the course, much of which will be school-based. The main purpose is to assess the needs and strengths of newly qualified teachers to help the schools employing them in their first post to implement plans for continuing professional development during the induction year.

Further information on the Professional skills test

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