Summer Graduation 2017

Over 130 guests attended the School of Education Graduation Reception held in ICOSS following the Graduation ceremony this year. We offer huge congratulations from all of us at The School of Education, we take great pride in your achievements. We hope all of our graduands enjoyed the day and that you take away happy memories of your time with us.

Photograph of Bethany Mace

Congratulations to Bethany Mace, the recipient of the Undergraduate Dissertation Prize 2017, who received her award from Professor Jackie Marsh and Dr Darren Webb during the event.

Bethany's dissertation was supervised by Dr Chris Winter, who said of her dissertation, "Bethany showed sensitive attention to ethics in terms of respondents’ loyalty to their school leaders and students, balancing this with gaining access to significant issues teachers faced in their everyday practice.

She produced robust evidence and sophisticated insight into the highly controlled curriculum and assessment process, eg. the contradiction in the Government pledge in policy to teacher autonomy whilst, at the same time the limiting creativity in teaching and generating teacher and student stress through high stakes assessment, leaving teachers few alternatives than colluding with the performativity agenda. She asked a pertinent question: what exactly do the tests measure, with the response being: the ability of students to pass tests! Throughout the dissertation, Bethany sought to understand her topic through arguments from the full range of perspectives. different

This is a well-organised, rigorous, perceptive and highly coherent piece of research."

One receiving the award, Bethany said
"It is such an honour to be awarded the BA dissertation prize. It has been a very busy and stressful year but with the support of my friends, family, the school of Education & my dissertation supervisor, Chris Winter, I worked hard and completed my dissertation in a field of work I am very passionate about. I am doing my 5-11 Primary PGCE next year and hope to become a primary school teacher. I have learnt many skills whilst on the course and have had the opportunity to study a variety of subjects that have shaped my views of the teacher that I aspire to be.

I am so grateful to have been awarded the prize and for the chance to study Education, Culture and Childhood at the University of Sheffield."




Below are photographs taken during our Graduation Reception:

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