Winter Graduation January 2020

This morning we welcomed home our Class of 2020 and their friends and family members to celebrate this special occassion with us.

A huge congratulations from all of us at The School of Education, we take great pride in your achievements!

Here are some photographs from our Post-graduation event.

Graduation Jan 2020 - Photo1 Graduation Jan 2020 - Photo 2
Graduation Jan 2020 - Photo 3 Graduation Jan 2020 - Photo 4
Graduation Jan 2020 - Photo 5 Graduation Jan 2020 - Photo 6

Having got to know you, we'd really love to stay in touch, so please remember us and let us know how you're getting on.

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School of Education Prizewinners 2019

We are delighted to announce this year's School of Education Prizes. The prizes were in recognition of the outstanding work and the exceptional achievements of our postgraduate students.

Postgraduate Student Prize 2019

Graduation Jan 2020 - Prizewinner1

The Postgraduate Student Prize has been awarded to Lene Osmundsen on completion of the MSc Psychology and Education (Conversion). Lene was nominated for the award as an international student of exceptional ability who achieved one of the highest marks on the course (75.5%, distinction) with 90% for her dissertation. Her tutor noted that Lene, "had a great attitude and always contributed positively in class, often leading group work and supporting other students who were struggling. She also looked out for other international students and would often work closely with those who were finding the work difficult. She has a cheerful and friendly disposition, respectful and polite to peers and lecturers and a real pleasure to have in class. She represented the student body during the BPS accreditation and provided honest, fair and eloquent feedback. She impressed the BPS with her clarity and understanding of the curriculum. Lene is passionate about support for young people growing up with heart disease and her research in this area is already making a difference to hospital policy in Norway, she also works with a Norwegian heart charity, and advocates for children and young people with heart conditions."

Lene is now studying to be a clinical psychologist in Denmark but hopes to return to Sheffield one day to complete a PhD.

On receiving the award, Lene commented, "I am both proud and humbled to have been awarded this prize. I thoroughly enjoyed my time in Sheffield and am thrilled to see all my hard work paid off. I want to thank my fellow students, my lecturers, and my dissertation supervisor Dr. Anna Weighall, for challenging me and helping me achieve my goals throughout the course."

The Rutland Prize for Early Childhood Education

Graduation Jan 2020 - Prizewinner2

This year's Rutland Prize for Early Childhood Education has been awarded to Rebecca Salter, nee Keating, in recognition of consistently outstanding scholarly work throughout her time on the programme. Rebecca's work is ethically-driven and informed by her commitment to transformative educational experiences for marginalised young children and families. This commitment was exemplified in her dissertation, in which she explored enactments of children's rights through story sharing practices in work with Central and Eastern European families living in Scotland. Rebecca's intellect, thoughtfulness and principled approach make her a worthy winner of the prize.

Rebecca said, "I feel absolutely delighted and very honoured to receive the Rutland Prize 2019! Studying for my Masters in Early Childhood Education has been an amazing experience. I thoroughly enjoyed the study weekends at the Rutland Hotel- there was a fantastic atmosphere and it was great to meet coursemates from all over the world and make new friends. The course tutors were really inspiring and their commitment and care throughout the course was exceptional. The Masters has enabled me to learn so much about engaging critically in a range of important issues in Early Childhood Education, and I really appreciate both the breadth and depth of content we covered. My research focussed on work with Central and Eastern European families, story sharing and human rights. I have been able to develop research skills in these areas that I am especially passionate about, and this has opened exciting possibilities for the future. I am currently developing consultancy work in this area. I thoroughly enjoyed working with participants in my research and I am very grateful for their contribution to my work. Throughout the Masters, with support from tutors, family and friends, I have overcome personal challenges and developed in ways I never thought possible before. I would especially like to thank Dr Liz Chesworth for all her support and input, Dr Marika Gatt Sacco for support throughout my dissertation, and everyone else who has inspired me and contributed to this experience!"

Marie Midolo Prize 2019

Graduation Jan 2020 - Prizewinner3

The recipient of the Marie Midolo Prize 2019 is Jennifer Formosa. Jennifer was nominated by the course team for "producing outstanding work throughout her entire degree. She has been not only a pleasure to teach and supervise, but also a real asset to the entire cohort, always ready to share her knowledge and understanding with her peers. Not only is her work of the highest academic standard, but she juggled her studies with her commitments to her young family. Jeni is fully driven for her work to make a difference, and has already begun plans for her dissertation work to impact at the highest level within the Maltese education system. Her intellect, her passion, and her thoughtful and community-driven approach to her studies make her a worthy winner of the prize."

Jennifer commented, "It is an honour to have been awarded The Marie Midolo Prize 2019 for my work throughout my MA studies. On account of a number of personal challenges, the road to the completion of my degree was a much longer and more difficult one than I could have predicted; and so, to have reached its end with this recognition for my efforts is greatly rewarding. Despite its challenges, reading for this degree has actually been one of the best experiences of my life, because it connected me to people, ideas, and prospects which, in turn, connected me more to my own self. However, and perhaps more importantly, this experience has also sensitised me to the fact that there are so many more people, ideas, and prospects left for me to engage with, and thus, so much more of my ‘self’ left for me to discover. Therefore, while the journey of my MA studies may have come to an end, I believe that its influence transcends its context and will thus continue to inspire me along any subsequent journeys that I shall take. Thanks to the fantastic programme which the University provided, together with an incredibly supportive network of staff and lecturers (my supervisor Dr Sabine Little, in particular), I can honestly say that I emerge from this experience academically, professionally, and personally enriched."