Turnbull-Halloran Prize for the Most Outstanding PGDE Student

We are delighted to announce that there are two winners of the Turnbull-Halloran Prize for the Most Outstanding PGDE Student this year. Anna Donnelly (PGDE History) and Charlotte Ferris (PGDE Maths) were both awarded the prize.

Photograph of Anna Donnelly

Anna’s supervisor, Liz Morris said “Anna achieved outstanding results, the best set of results we have had on the History PGDE course and demonstrated excellent classroom practice and professional growth during both placements and has been creative in applying personal research in her teaching. “

Anna, said “I was happily surprised to have won this award! It has been a rewarding and challenging year to begin my teaching career in and I am looking forward to returning to the classroom to put my learning into action. I hope that I continue to be a teacher who prioritises student well-being whilst continuing to pursue my passion for research. In the future, I plan to complete a PHD in education to commit further to reflecting and improving my practice and the outcomes of the most vulnerable children.”

Photograph of Charlotte Ferris

Bryony Black, Charlotte’s supervisor commented, “Charlotte scored the first 85 from a maths student in the last 10 years, demonstrated excellent classroom practice in both placements (secured a job at her first placement), set up and ran an LQBTQ+ support group for PGDE student teachers, liaising closely with me to ensure good communication, and supported the LGBTQ+ group on her first placement.”

On receiving her award, Charlotte commented “I am very grateful to receive this award, and to Bryony, the maths tutor, for recommending me as well as for her fantastic guidance throughout my teacher training year. In my future teaching career, I hope to continue to support LGBT+ students in school through a range of different activities, including social groups and pushing for changes in school policies to improve student well-being. I am also hoping to start a "Famous Mathematicians" project, with the aim to tackle stereotypes around mathematics by introducing students to mathematicians from a diverse range of backgrounds.“

Congratulations to Anna and Charlotte, we hope that the PGDE course has provided you with a sound foundation for your future careers, and that you are able to continue your commitment and service to the profession and wider community.

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