Dr Panagiota Blouchou

BA Aristotle, MA, PhD Psychology

School of Education

Postdoctoral Research Associate

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Full contact details

Dr Panagiota Blouchou
School of Education
The Wave
2 Whitham Road
S10 2AH

My background is in developmental psychology. I am particularly interested in the process of learning in children and adolescents with developmental disorders, and how mental health problems can affect the process. I am also interested in psychoeducational interventions in children and young people with neurodevelopmental disorders. My PhD research explored the association between mental health problems and adolescents and young people with developmental dyslexia, and the effectiveness of psychoeducational interventions. I am currently working with Dr Anna Weighall on a Nuffield Project entitled 'Positive Early Childhood Education Program' (PECE) which explores the acceptability of measuring potential PECE Programme impacts on children's early social and emotional development.

Research interests

Learning disabilities

Mental health problems in adolescence

School wellbeing

Developmental disorders such as ADHD and Autism

Quantitative Research Methods

Mixed Methods approaches


Journal articles

Teaching interests

Giota has delivered seminars, tutorials and workshops in the areas of developmental psychology, statistics, and critical skills for scientists. Giota has also supervised BA dissertations on psychological and educational topics, and she currently has the role of a thesis mentor for PhD students across different departments at the University.

Professional activities and memberships

Panagiota is a member of the Early Childhood Education research cluster and the Education and Psychology research cluster in The School of Education.