You will develop your research programme with the close support of supervisors who are experienced and actively engaged in research. A supervisor's role is to guide you in the development of your study and in the standards of work expected for a PhD. Your supervisors will have interests in the broad field in which your study is based and in related theoretical and methodological issues. They will also arrange consultations for you with other members of staff as necessary.

Supervisor Roles

The general pattern is for each student to have a primary supervisor and a second supervisor. The roles of the primary and secondary supervisors are as follows:

Photograph of students in discussionPrimary supervisors

Primary supervisors are responsible (through the postgraduate team) for all communications regarding the student ́s progress to their funding body, to Faculty and to the course manager. The primary supervisor is responsible for scheduling meetings, commenting on drafts, and determining the overall pattern of work in negotiation with the student. They are a PhD student’s first point of contact with the department if any difficulties arise during the PhD student programme.

Second Supervisors

All doctoral students in the School of Education will be allocated two supervisors. The first supervisor has primary responsibility for supervision. The second supervisor will be a second point of contact for any doctoral student, but will not have primary responsibility for academic work.

Responsibilities of the supervisor

Supervisory meetings and reporting

The University requires supervisory meetings and for a record to be kept of these meetings in order for the supervisor and supervisee to review progress towards the completion of the PhD. The initiation of meetings between students and supervisors is a joint responsibility.

You are required, in partnership with your supervisors, to arrange a formal meeting with at least one supervisor and complete a simple progress report form. University policy dictates that a meeting should take place every 4-6 weeks. Meetings are pro rata for part-time students. In compliance with this, supervisors are expected to be available on a weekly basis for supervision of their PhD students. Additional guidance on supervisory meetings can be found here.

Your responsibilities as a PhD student

* Please note that successful applicants will be informed from October 2019.