Centre for Research in Early Childhood Education

Centre for Research in Early Childhood Education

Key themes

Key themes that are explored in our work include:

Learning, pedagogy, curriculum, assessment Our disciplinary focussed research includes literacy (learning, pedagogy, curriculum and home-practices), multi-literacies and multi modality. We critically engage with socio-political contexts in which ECE is defined and organised nationally and internationally. We engage in contemporary debates around children’s learning, multi-theoretical perspectives and critical perspectives on pedagogy. Our work enables us to inform policy-making and to adopt critical perspective son pedagogy, curriculum and assessment in theory and practice. .

Play – We take a critical approach to researching play and play worlds including traditional and digital, and blending on an doff line play. We are interested in new play communities, children’s play lore and cultures and critical engagement with play in relation to policy outcomes on health, well-being, education. Our play research concerns debates about play in relation to pedagogy, curriculum and assessment, cultural understandings of play, and play identities. We led tie first MOOC on ‘Exploring Play’ which includes interdisciplinary play research..

Children’s lives, perspectives and experiences Our theoretical , methodological and ethical concerns with understanding children and childhoods involve the development of respectful and ethical ways of engaging with children in research and practice. Issues of ‘voice’ and ‘voices’ is a long established concern, including children’s engagement with issues that matter to them wherever they are in the world.

Professionalism and professional knowledge Conceptions of education, care and love are central to consideration of the nature of professionalism and how professional knowledge is constructed and enacted in practice. Professional qualification and quality of early years provision has informed policy on the Early Years workforce.

In each of these themes our research creates pathways for impact and engagement, where we work with many different groups, communities and organisations.

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