School of Education Ethical Review Policy


Once an ethics application has been submitted, any queries or questions regarding the review process from supervisors, reviewers or applicants should be directed to


The Ethics Review Panel aims: `To ensure that research in the School is carried out to the highest ethical standards and in conformity with the University´s Research Ethics Policy´


  1. To develop and maintain procedures for the ethical review of all research carried out by staff and students in the School of Education, in line with University procedures and regulations
  2. To ensure that procedures for ethical review are understood and followed by all staff and students
  3. To support staff in ensuring that their research is ethically reviewed
  4. To support staff in ensuring that the work of their students is ethically reviewed
  5. To monitor procedures and practices in the ethical reviewing of research in the School of Education and to report annually to the Head of School and the University Ethical Review Panel
  6. To monitor the ethical conduct of research in the School of Education and to report as necessary to the Head of School

Applicants are responsible for monitoring their own ethics applications and should contact if their application has not progressed within 10 working days of the initial submission date.

Applicants should only submit ONE ethics application per research project - resubmitting an application again may delay the final approval of your application.

Applicant should not be collecting any empirical data without ethical approval.


All research in the School of Education which involves human participants is subject to ethical review. The intention of the procedures for staff and student research is to facilitate a process which establishes awareness of the highest standards in ethical practice in educational research and to ensure that all staff and students planning to undertake any research project give consideration to the ethical issues that might arise while undertaking research. The School of Education procedures for Ethical Review of Research conform to the principles of the University´s Code of Practice on Research Ethics here and the British Educational Research Association Guidelines here.

All research related data must also be handled in a manner compliant with the Data Protection Act.


The Chair of the Ethics Review Panel shall ensure that:

  1. Procedures for the ethical review of research by a) students and b) staff in the School of Education are set up in accordance with University Procedures.
  2. Staff are aware of their role in ethically reviewing research proposals
  3. Staff receive necessary training in ethical review procedures so that they can take on ethical reviews as necessary and appropriate
  4. All PGT and PGR students receive necessary teaching in ethical reviews procedures
  5. The School of Education Ethics Review Panel is convened at least twice each year
  6. An annual report of the activity of the SoE ERP is presented to the Head of School
  7. The Ethics administrator maintains records of the ethical reviewing of all research proposals
  8. Relevant University committees are reported to as necessary

The School of Education Ethics Review Panel will consist of:

Chair ERP
Ethics Administrator
Ethics Secretary
Director of Teaching and Learning
Director PGCE
CRB officer
Director for Research
Director of Teaching Quality - Staff Development Officer
Teaching Quality Coordinator - Department of Educational Studies
Director Research Degrees

Staff and students planning to undertake a new piece of research must consider ethical issues and consult the guidelines at an early stage.

Ethics application procedures (from September 2014)

The Director of Research in the School of Education, other members of the Research Committee and members of the Ethics Review Panel will be pleased to discuss ethical elements of the proposed study at an early stage. In the first instance, students should consult their tutors, supervisors or module leaders. Staff must obtain ethical approval for research proposals before submitting proposals to funding bodies (ESRC proposals are excepted). Students must have their proposals ethically reviewed before they commence empirical studies involving human participants. Tutors will give specific guidance tailored to particular modules of assessment. Students should check with tutors if the research they are going to carry out is already covered by en bloc or generic ethics approval. To have research ethically reviewed the appropriate forms in the forms box should be used:

All members of academic staff in the School of Education may be asked to undertake ethical review of colleagues´ and students´ research. Reviewers will complete the appropriate the appropriate Ethical Reviewer´s Comments form within two weeks of receipt. This timescale will ensure the smooth running of research within the School and avoid undue delays.

Students must have authorisation from their tutors before submitting their application for review. Responses are sent to staff and where appropriate to the Chair of the Ethics Review Panel. Applicants receive a copy of the reviewers´ reports and details of any necessary changes for resubmission, or minor changes.

If there is disagreement over the recommendations of the ethics review, the Chair of the Ethics Review Panel will review the decision. At his discretion, further reviews may be undertaken or, if deemed necessary may be passed on to the University Research Ethics Committee (UREC) in line with the University procedures. The Ethics Review Panel will, throughout the academic year, provide support on the awareness of ethical review procedures to students.