Global Childhoods, Education & Communities Network

Global Childhoods, Education & Communities Network is an interdisciplinary network of scholars conducting world-leading and high impact research on inclusive and equitable quality education and community life in a global perspective. Our approach is informed by a broad understanding of education and upbringing, encompassing: literacy; new media and technologies; gender, poverty and inequality; wellbeing and disability as well as peace and justice. Our research explores human development across the life span, from early years to adult education, in a variety of cultural and community settings and geographical regions.

The G-CEC network brings together researchers from all four Research Centres at the School of Education, as well as from relevant Departments and Faculties across the University of Sheffield.

We value knowledge co-production in collaboration with a wide network of practitioners, NGOs, local community organisations and policy makers in diverse communities around the globe.

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Dr Michalis Kontopodis’s research explores the differences and similarities in the everyday lives of today’s young people in a variety of off-/ online, urban or countryside, educational and community settings around the globe. Located in places as diverse as Athens, Berlin, San Francisco, Porto Alegre or the indigenous Amazon, his research aims to tackle educational and social inequalities and global issues associated with today’s ecological, financial and geopolitical crises.

Michalis Kontopodis speaks and publishes in English, French, German, Greek, Spanish and Portuguese; he accomplished his PhD in 2007 at the Free University Berlin and has since then held post-doc and visiting positions in Escuela Normal del Estado, San Luis Potosi, Mexico; University of Amsterdam; Pontíficia Universidade Católica de São Paulo, Brazil; Jawaharlal Nehru University, India; Moscow State University of Psychology and Education etc.

Members & Geographical Coverage

Liz Chesworth - Iceland, Lebanon, Mexico

Dan Goodley - Malaysia, Zimbabwe

Caroline Sarojini Hart - Europe

Jamal Lahmar

Kirsty Liddiard - Canada

Sabine Little - Germany, Tanzania, Zambia, Zimbabwe

Jackie Marsh - Colombia, various countries in Europe, US

China Mills - India, Mozambique, Nepal, Nigeria, Rwanda, Sierra Leonne, South Africa, Uganda,

Vassiliki Papatsiba - Brazil, Chile, Hong Kong, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Malaysia, Mexico, Russia, South Africa, Oman,  S. Korea

Mark Payne - East/ Central Europe, Germany, South Africa

Andrey Rosowsky - Egypt, Ghana, Italy, Spain, Nigeria

Katherine Runswick-Cole - Australia, Canada, Zimbabwe, Malaysia

Chris Winter - Australia, Czech Republic, Ireland, Norway, Sweden

Current Projects

Classroom 2

Nurturing Slovak Roma Children at Secondary School: A Longitudinal Study

A five-year longitudinal study provides us with an excellent opportunity to begin to understand more about the impacts of migration and settlement in a new country with a new language and culture, and to do so in the context of a changing Europe.

More information on the Slovak Roma Children Study

MakEY photo

Makerspaces in the early years: Enhancing digital literacy and creativity (MakEY)

More information on MakEY